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The TWO Assault Against eChina

Day 1,934, 04:09 Published in USA Canada by New Faustian Man

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Poland and Russia have both proposed each other as Natural Enemies:

The stage is now set for a likely wipe of Russia by Poland, with the latter’s objective to gain a border with China and wipe EDEN’s last bastion from the map of the New World.

The current Russian president has already publicly stated Russia ARE NOT allowing Poland passage to attack China from the north. Which means only one thing: this is a real war, prosecuted by TWO against one of the eUS's closest allies, Russia!

According to the Bear and Eagle Engagement, a recent treaty the eUS and eRussia signed to solidify relations, should either get attacked, the other would send military aid. Click here for the Russian version of the Bear and Eagle Engagement. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the version published through an eUS org, it would appear to have been deleted.

The content of this agreement basically had both nations reassert their friendship in light of the demise of CTRL, critically this meant military assistance should either come under attack. At the time it was part of an attempt to solidify bonds between the ex-TERRA powerhouses USA, Brazil and Russia by Cerb's administration.

The question then is: What form will this military assistance take? A US NE of Poland would be the most helpful but seems highly unlikely unfortunately.

- Some Background -

It should be noted the NE by Poland on Russia is probably only the sideshow. Mainland China has been a ONE/TWO goal for a long time now, mainly because its enjoyed the longest 10/10s in the history of the game, a fact that seems to smart at TWO HQ - and China is Poland's true objective.

Consequently, TWO (with some CoT assistance) have been massing their armies in the Middle East poised for an attack on China via Pakistan. Whilst to the North Poland [it would appear] are going to force their way through Russia and attack China along its Russian border.

Whoever breaks through the Middle East, whether its Macedonia or Serbia, when combined with Poland will probably prove too much for China, no matter the military aid EDEN can give it.

- How TWO Will Attack -

This is just informed speculation, but these are the likely flashpoints between CoTWO and EDEN as the former go after Chinese resources.

The Middle East

There's a real bottleneck out in the Middle East, but it should be possible for one of the CoTWO nations stationed there to get an easy NE on China if they go through Pakistan. At the moment Fyrom look favourites in this regard, though Serbia taking the lead here makes better sense considering they're overwhelmingly stronger and present the greatest danger to EDEN forces in Asia.


With Croatia in India ensures China won't fight alone. Whoever comes through Pakistan will most likely face a Croatian NE. This will take a lot of the heat of China, but Poland-Serbia > China-Croatia, so its only a matter of time before the superior strength of the former starts to make itself count.


Poland will have to get through Russia to attack China, which even for Poland will be no easy feat, especially if we take into account how far Polish forces are already extended at present. Poland are an undisputed superpower but can even they hold down Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, France, Finland AND Russia and hope to seriously threaten China!? I doubt it.

I think a lot of the success of TWO's attack on China will be decided by the eUS and eBrazil. CoT ultimately have no reason to support this war as they can get nothing out of it but a symbolic victory over EDEN. The question then is: will the eUS support China and fight against CoT allies? The alternative is fighting against China in support of Serbia/TWO, which I still can't see tbh. Its been suggested on more than one occasion that Brazil are headed for TWO, if there is any truth in this we're about to discover it.

- Repercussions -

If TWO are able to take China, they have the military might that could see a longtime suppression of China, allowing them to grow fat on resource-rich Chinese regions, and in the process well and truly bridle EDEN from ever being any kind of threat again. No China = No EDEN, simple as that. In the long run Hungary and Spain could easily replace Serbia-Poland in suppressing Western European countries, whilst the latter move their capitals to the Far East, at which point they'll be almost impossible to budge.

Its in the eUS's strategic interests to defend China from TWO. TWO are the ONLY alliance that present a genuine threat to the eUS and its original territories, and allowing TWO to get a foothold in Asia will really unsettle the region and allow them to threaten the eUS's West Coast at will. Ultimately this might see Hungary-Spain-Slovenia stationed permanently across the Atlantic in France and Spain, and Serbia and Poland sitting in eChina, just a couple regions away from threatening the eUS's Pacific coastline.

Should eChina fall the eUS will be literally surrounded: the last bastion of defiance against TWO.

War is coming – whichever side the eUS decides to support may just determine the outcome.


This just in from the President of the eUnited States:

Hopefully 'standing with' means we're going to NE the Pink.




klop123 Day 1,934, 04:33

Fight for Mother Russia o7

Bulgurs are gay
Bulgurs are gay Day 1,934, 11:24

Fight for Mother Russia against juniors..,

Dux Albrecht
Dux Albrecht Day 1,934, 14:24

Do it, we will have more fun. Polish soldiers are coming! We'll burn the Moscow Kremlinl once again.

Nathan Nate Drake
Nathan Nate Drake Day 1,934, 16:28

maybe, but at least that still doesn't mean we cant kick ur butt!

Finway Day 1,934, 04:40

Fight for Mother Russia o7

vandrar Day 1,934, 11:36


Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Day 1,934, 04:47

Fight for Mother Russia o7

Mr FLATROY Day 1,934, 04:53

Fight for Mother Russia o7

NueveOcho Day 1,934, 05:01

Fight for Brother Poland o7

NueveOcho Day 1,934, 05:02

And Voted by the way 😉

Miraak Day 1,934, 07:49

Comment deleted

DragonFlyPL Day 1,934, 11:54


k0llht0s Day 1,934, 05:06

Fight to ENJOY the game!
all the rest is bs!

yanyali Day 1,934, 05:07

We want war!

Fight for Mother Russia o7

Andiroid Day 1,934, 05:07


Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,934, 05:10

This is a completely baseless assumption. Poland is invading Russia and not China. So USA should fight for Russia and not for China.

I will fight for Russia. I will never fight for China.

NueveOcho Day 1,934, 05:11

Actually, invading eChina is TWO's main goal

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,934, 05:15

And why eUS and CoT should care about China? The guy writing this article is just an EDEN propagandist trying to convince the eUS that they should fight for eChina when for now the country that is going to be invaded is eRussia.

I will support eRussia, I will never support the imperialist eChina.

NueveOcho Day 1,934, 05:20

I will fully support TWO, and CoT should kick eUSA.

Clydeo Day 1,934, 13:56

O shut up you stupid little Spainerd.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,934, 05:52

America should come to the aid of Russia and China, now you know why your Military Commune was moved from China to Brazil; my question is not whether you should aid both these countries -it is CAN America come to their aid. The bitch slapping America took against Taiwan would lead me to believe we can not....

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 1,934, 06:56

Let's face it. American will NOT help Russia. So that deal will be ignored, if CoT orders the Americans to abandon it. And they will.

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,934, 07:36

The US fighting for Russia or not is not important, it will not impact the outcome. The same for China.

What you should be concerned know is who will fight for US when TwO invades. Because after taking China, there is nothing else for TwO to do. And this time we will not have any EDEN country to help you, you make sure of that.

maxzarazni Day 1,934, 05:12

Fight for Mother Russia o7

cb0zz Day 1,934, 05:12

Fight for Mother Russia o7

nimnul Day 1,934, 05:12

Good read

BacoST Day 1,934, 05:13


teXou Day 1,934, 05:13

AFA ... the new press secretary for USA ?

NueveOcho Day 1,934, 05:14

zaaaa xdxd

Viarizi Day 1,935, 22:09

Go back to India 98! U PTOER!!!!

Viarizi Day 1,935, 22:08

His name is New Faustian Man, NFM for friends, not AFA.

Romper Day 1,934, 05:14

USA will do as CoT orders them to do. Simple. Since Lulgaria can't afford to lose support of TWO, Russia will have to sacrifice a bit for a greater good (aka. Lulgarian holy war against Turks). Just like Japan is sacrificing a bit, losing the country to Serbian pTOers.
So just relax and it will all be over soon.

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,934, 05:18

Because eCroatia is such an heroic country hiding behind eIndia and leaving whole southern Europe to eSerbia.

Romper Day 1,934, 05:21

Didn't you bi**h about never ending Balkan wars? Well that war is over, as you wanted. Now enjoy the consequences.

Cookies Crisps
Cookies Crisps Day 1,934, 05:26

It's over because you lost it, not because you decided it was boring and stopped fighting in it.

Romper Day 1,934, 05:35

Wrong Cookies, it is over because we moved away to end the Balkan wars. Ofc Lulgaria kept them alive, but I don't see your propaganda about boring Balkan wars any more? Because that is all it was, propaganda that was received nicely in eUSA.

NueveOcho Day 1,934, 05:38

"Wrong Cookies, it is over because we moved away to end the Balkan wars" XD jajajajajajajajaja
You simply ran away scared of Serbia

Cookies Crisps
Cookies Crisps Day 1,934, 05:38

Dont use the term moved away. You RAN away, if you were able to win in the "boring Balkan" war i doubt you would "move away". Also dont forget the only reason you are still there is because CoTWO is allowing it : ).

Romper Day 1,934, 05:47

We did what we wanted to do for years - move to Asia. Airstrike and Capital that has to be connected to regions are the reasons why we are there. If you are "allowing" us to be there, then ask yourself why that is? because you can say goodbye to 10/10 if we return and you know it very well. So you are not allowing anything, you hope we stay there as long as possible.
When enough people start bit**ing about us in India and realize that "boring Balkan wars" was nothing but well sold TWO propaganda, we will return. Until then, enjoy your bonuses.

NueveOcho Day 1,934, 05:50

Comment deleted

Cookies Crisps
Cookies Crisps Day 1,934, 05:57

Let me rephrase that, "We have been running away for years". Well in some things you are right. Serbia could keep you occupied as long as possible, with more frequent RW, that is true, but Croatia is broke, and without the few bonuses you do have you wouldn't even be able to raise occasional serious RW's. To prove my point that you are there only because we allow it, i will mention that the same happened with Mexico, we kicked you out when we wanted to (i admit not with the first try) so keeping bonuses is not a pressing matter. Indonesia could have kicked you out that one time if we wanted it... Also why do you keep mentioning TWO propaganda? Is everything that doesn't fir into your vision of the world propaganda?

GVOZDENI Tihi glas
GVOZDENI Tihi glas Day 1,934, 06:54

ma sta se pravite englezi

Romper Day 1,934, 07:29

It is TWO propaganda, because it was orchestrated by Serbia and Loland. Both members of TWO. I don't see either of you crying about Balkan wars any more? Why is that? Because you got what you wanted and what elites in eUSA wanted, which is eUSA against EDEN. Well done, but it doesn't change the fact that "boring Balkan war" was nothing but propaganda. It worked in Loland when they changed sides and it worked again in eUSA. The only thing that is different is the side those two fight on, but wars are still going on. Started by Lulgaria and Serbia, as always.

Cookies Crisps
Cookies Crisps Day 1,934, 08:05

I suppose it's easier to create an elaborate conspiracy theory then to simply admit EDEN failed diplomatically.

Yankul9 Day 1,934, 09:53

Rompi, don't spread bullshit propaganda. EDEN fail because you want whole alliace to be involved in your ethernal war against eSerbia and only damage is important. And when this is not posible anymore, you just run away to India and care only for your bonuses in China. You are right about that TWO want you in India, but the only reason EDEN still to consist is your counter eSerbia/eHungary with eRomania. Everyone else in EDEN is just a mute.
I don't support Poland invasion against Russia, but this article have some major mistakes about strategy. And it's obvious EDEN propaganda. USA to NE the Pink, wtf? Spmeone realy miss your damage in damagehood alliance.

General Stonewall Jackson
General Stonewall Jackson Day 1,934, 21:17


Romper Day 1,935, 06:19

lol Yankul, you are talking about damagehood? You just sacrificed the best friend for Lolish damage in your holy war against Turks! Croatia and Serbia have no war for months now, but Lulgarians keep reopening war against Turks over and over again, without any foreseeable end! Talking about being obsessed 😃

Pelgarian Day 1,935, 16:57

Yes, Yeees! Let the the damagehood butthurt flow through you little failRomper. Bulgaria has its alliance and officially is neutral. Now shut your damagehood dirty mouth. Why do you lie that you didnt have wars with Serbia blind fool? Ressistances count aswel you know. And we reopen wars constantly not only with turks so dont try being a smartass. Dont try propaganda me you tricky damagehood. 🙂

NueveOcho Day 1,934, 05:21

Already crying

Romper Day 1,934, 05:28

/me hands handkerchief to nuevecoño
There, stop crying already...

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