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I have been working on another educational article, explaining how can a new player increase his budget early on in the game, but for it to be fully understood by every new player I decided to publish some “LIGHT READING” concerning the different eRepublik products (it took me some reading while learning about them, when I started playing so I figured it could be useful).

Once again I am doing an article dedicated to the new eRep players like myself. Still being a noob I try to share only things I have already experienced while playing the game. And of course being a regular human being I have made quite a lot of mistakes leading to moments like ……

So with this type of articles I write I hope I will spare a lot of new players having the same Picard moments as I have. 😃 So PAY ATTENTION the the “Quick note” or “IMPORTANT” parts cause they are usually the moments when I failed 😉

As with all my previous articles I greatly appreciate the comments of the “old” players sharing their experience and insights on the matter.

So with that said …


There are 9 types of products, implemented in the game:

- RAW MATERIALS - 4 sub types

Every one of these products (with the exception of TICKETS) can be produced by a eRepublik player if he/she owns the corresponding type of company.



The different varieties of food, referred to as quality (Q), in the game allow you to regain your health, when consumed.

There are 7 different qualities (Q) of food units: from Q1 to Q7

Ignoring the appearance the main difference in the different food qualities comes from the different amount of Health you are allowed to restore per unit consumed.

The numbers come as follows:

Q1 – 2 Health/unit
Q2 – 4 Health/unit
Q3 – 6 Health/unit
Q4 – 8 Health/unit
Q5 – 10 Health/unit
Q6 – 12 Health/unit
Q7 – 20 Health/unit

Quick note: Other than restoring different amount of Health/unit the different Qualities of food won’t provide you with different quality of Health or some other benefit. The difference comes from the fact that you have to own different amount of food units to restore the same amount of health. Let’s say you have to restore 200 Health – you have to own 100 Q1 food units or 10 Q7 Food units. So DON’T always aim to buy the highest quality food – choose the cheapest PRICE/HEALTH RESTORED option from the market .

The Food units are produced in a Food company. The different Qualities of food units can only be produced in different levels of Food company upgrades – that require different amount of gold units to be upgraded.

The food industry requires Food raw material (FRM) for the production of food units. For more info on that keep reading till the Raw materials section.

Quick Note: As a new player you will own 1 Q1 Food company and 3xQ1 Food Raw material companies so by working in those companies you will be able to produce some of the Food you consume daily.


As eRepublik is obviously mostly war oriented game the weapons are very important part of the game. Every player can fight in a battle bare handed, but as you will probably see for yourself that is really REALLY NOT efficient. So if you are in a fighting mood you have to use weapons.

Similar to the food units the different weapons come in 7 different qualities – Q1 to Q7, but unlike the different food units the different weapons provide 2 specific characteristics which greatly increase their significance with the increased quality of the weapon – DURABILITY and FIREPOWER.

Q1 - Durability 1 / Firepower +20
Q2 - Durability 2 / Firepower +40
Q3 - Durability 3 / Firepower +60
Q4 - Durability 4 / Firepower +80
Q5 - Durability 5 / Firepower +100
Q6 - Durability 6 / Firepower +120
Q7 - Durability 10 / Firepower +200

The DURABILITY of the weapon determine how much hits can you make with a single weapon – 1 hit for Q1 weapon – 10 hits with Q7 weapon.

!!!EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!: 1 hit does not always correspond with 1 push of the FIGHT button. 1 hit means that you lose 10 Health and gain 1 Experience point. There are particular numbers of hits needed to defeat an enemy on the battlefield that depend on your/his strength and the type of weapons both of you use. So for some enemies that are stronger you might need, say 5 hits to defeat, so you will lose 50 Health and you will gain 5 Experience points. One press of the FIGHT button will defeat the opponent immediately, provided you have the needed health, but you would have spent 5 hits doing that, taking the same example. So for the same example if you are using Q5 Weapons (Durability 5) for fighting you would have used 1 Q5 weapon inflicting those 5 hits for the 1 press of the FIGHT button we just talked about. If you use Q1 weapons (Durability 1) you would have used 5 weapons or if you use Q7 weapons (Durability 10) – you would have used 5 Durability of 1 weapon, meaning you can make 5 more hits with that same weapon with its 5 remaining Durability. Hope that clears it 😉

The Firepower determines how much damage a weapon can inflict. Alongside with yours and your opponent’s strength the firepower of your and your opponent’s weapon determine how much hits will it take you to defeat that opponent – the more strength and firepower he/she has the more difficult will it be for you to defeat him/her. Plus the greater the Firepower the more damage/hit you will deal overall in the battle.

IMPORTANT: Unlike the food, the higher quality weapons make a BIG DIFFERENCE. So I would urge you to try using only the highest quality Q7 weapons. It will be easier for you to complete your tasks and you will advance your rank faster. You would have gotten some Q7 weapons from passing some of the missions (list of the missions rewards in case you are wondering like I was 😉). If they are expensive for you – most Military units have programs to supply their soldiers with weapons if they work in their commune companies – so check that out with your MU Leader.

Similar to the food the weapons are produced in a Weapons company. The different Qualities of Weapon units can only be produced in their corresponding levels of Weapon company upgrades – that require different amount of gold units to be upgraded (identical with the food company upgrade scales).

The Weapon industry requires Weapon raw material (WRM) for the production of Weapons. For more info on that keep reading till the Raw materials section.

If you want to learn more about the weapons in eRepublik + some special weapons like bazookas, rockets and bombs you can check the eRep Wiki HERE.

QUICK NOTE: If you are interested in different strategies using ground based weapons you can check my article THE GHOST BOOSTER. There you can find some useful tips on how to use weapons and your daily ghost booster to make the most ot of your fighting early on.


As the name implies the Aircraft weapons are used while fighting in Aircraft battles (you can find my guide to the Aircraft battles for new players HERE). As for the current state of the game the developers of the game have implemented only 1 type of Aircraft weapons – Q1 Aircraft weapons, but they are expected to come in similar 7 qualities as the ground based weapons in the future.

As with the ground based weapons the Aircraft weapons have the same 2 characteristics – Durability and Firepower.
As with the ground weapons the Q1 Aircraft weapons have Durability 1 and Firepower 20

IMPORTANT: As there are currently only Q1 Aircraft weapons therefore having limited Durability and Firepower + they are EXTREMELY expensive as you would see by yourself it would be wiser to fight without Aircraft weapons for the time being. As I have explained in my Aircraft mode article you can earn quite some cash from fighting air battles even without weapons.

The Aircraft weapons are produced in Aircraft weapon companies and since for the time being there are only Q1 Aircraft weapons there are only Q1 Aircraft weapon companies.

IMPORTANT: As I was reminded by Ilene Dover you CAN'T work as a manager in your Aircraft company - you have to hire workers - hence the high prices of the Aircraft weapons.

The Aircraft industry requires Aircraft Raw Meterial (ARM).


As with the other products the houses come in several different qualities from Q1 to Q5. The developers have hinted 2 more Quality types Q6 and Q7, but they have not been implemented in the game yet. In order for the house to apply its effect it has to be activated in the player’s storage, by clicking on it. A single player can have hundreds of houses, but can have only 1 house of each quality activated simultaneously.

Every house comes with 3 main characteristics – Durability, Energy bonus and ability to generate Overtime points.

The Durability of every type of House (no matter the quality) is fixed to 168 hours (7 days). When you activate your house a clock will start counting down the remaining 168 hours. You can deactivate the house (pause the clock), at a current time when you don’t need it, by clicking on it. The timer will stop until you reactivate it.

Quick note: Once activated a house can’t be sold even if you deactivate it. So keep that in mind.

The Increased energy adds a certain amount of recoverable health to your health pool. That amount varies in the different qualities of houses:

Q1 - 50
Q2 - 80
Q3 - 100
Q4 - 150
Q5 - 200

If you activate your house you will see your health pool is increased by the corresponding amount. You will be able to recover this increased amount of Health daily for as long as the house is active.

Every house, no matter the quality, can generate Overtime points (OP) as long as the house is active. An active house generates 1 OP/ hour. That means you can generate 24 OP/24 hours of the house’s durability or 168 OP for the full durability (lifespan) of a single house. The more houses you have active the more OP you would be able to generate, BUT AGAIN KEEP IN MIND that you can have only 1 house from each house quality activated at the same time. That means you can have a maximum of 5 houses activated of every one of the 5 Quality types. The Overtime points can be used to work overtime as an employee (see the pictures below). Working overtime consumes 24 OP and 10 Health while rewarding you with the same amount of salary you work for normally. You CAN'T work overtime in your companies as a manager.

IMPORTANT: Currently the higher quality houses are EXTREMELY expensive and probably as a new player you won’t be able to use them at maximum efficiency and refund their cost fully. So my advice would be NOT to buy them at the beginning or at least gain some experience with using Q1 house and then consider for yourself if a higher quality house will be useful for you. If you have the money and if you work for high enough salary I would advise you strongly to buy a Q1 house and keep it constantly active. That way you can work overtime for 7 days meaning – if your salary is say 210 USD and you have a Q1 House activated constantly -> you would be able to work twice a day (regular work+overtime) so -> 210x2=420 -> 420x7= 2940 USD/7 days. With the current price of a Q1 House about 950 USD you get -> 2940-950=1990 USD profit per week only from your job. The additional +50 Energy to your health pool from the house will help you with completing some of your missions and your Daily order.

As with the other products the Houses can be produced in House companies with the corresponding quality upgrade, again achieved by spending gold (The upgrade costs are the same as the Food and Weapon companies).

IMPORTANT: Similar to the Aircraft weapon companies you CAN'T work as a Manager in your House company - you have to hire workers - hence the high prices of the Houses.

The House industry requires House raw material (HRM) for the production of houses.


The tickets allow you to travel to a different region from the one you are currently residing without paying the usual cost for travelling. Unlike the other products the Tickets can’t be produced by a particular player at least for the current state of the game. They come as a reward from the weekly challenges (see the picture below) or some specific eRepublik events/celebrations/missions. Tickets can be sold on the market so even if you are not rewarded some you can buy a few from there.

The tickets come in 5 Different quality types from Q1 to Q5.
Each ticket has 2 specifications: Energy consumption and travelling distance allowed.

With the different Ticket qualities these go as follows:

Q1 Ticket: -4 Energy / 1 Zone(s)
Q2 Ticket: -3 Energy / 2 Zone(s)
Q3 Ticket: -2 Energy / 3 Zone(s)
Q4 Ticket: -1 Energy / 4 Zone(s)
Q5 Ticket: -0 Energy / 5 Zone(s)

The energy consumption reflects the amount of Health you would be spending when using ticket. The Travelling zones show you how many zones away from your currently residing region you can travel.

IMPORTANT: Most time you travel, your travel cost will be substantial for a new player like 60-80USD per travel, so always try to use tickets when travelling. As with the current market situation the Q5 Tickets are the cheapest and the most efficient due to the lack of Health loss and maximum allowed zones for travel so try buying only Q5 Tickets.


The raw materials in the game are the only type of product that can’t be directly consumed or activated by the player. They are only used to produce finished products like the above mentioned.
There are no quality types of raw materials. For each of the product industries there is a corresponding type of raw material:

- Food – Food Raw Material (FRM)
- Weapons – Weapon Raw Material (WRM)
- Aircraft Weapons – Aircraft weapon Raw material (ARM)
- House – House raw material (HRM)

Each type of raw material can be produced in a corresponding raw material company. These companies can’t be upgraded, but they come in 5 different types, for each type of raw material, and differ by the amount of raw material produced daily and the number of workers you can assign in them.

IMPORTANT: There is NO “Work as a manager” ability for the Aircraft raw material and House raw material companies so consider that if, by any chance, you plan to create a raw material company of these types (I would advise against that for the time being).

For each type of product to be produced a certain amount of corresponding raw material is to be used. That amount depends on the type of product produced and the Quality of the product produced so obviously the more products you produce or products of higher quality the more resource you would have to spend in order to produce them.

You can find more info on the company productivity and productivity formulas HERE.

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