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Hi guys,

Today I want to switch from my fun side to a bit more serious and eRep oriented 😉

More specifically I would like to share some of my personal experience using the the Ghost Booster and why it is so important for newbs like me.

Now this article is mostly for the young eRep players like me, but I would appreciate it if some old players share their insights on the matter or correct me if I am wrong.

With that said we are good to go.

As a new eRep citizen I recently discovered the big tank guys from the higher divisions can freely hit in any division they like as long as they buy the proper enhancement. I was quite frustrated at first, but then I thought (probably a lot of other players did too) of a cool opportunity to use that for our young farts gain by efficiently exploiting the GHOST BOOSTER or in my RL terms being like a remora fish sticking to the Great white shark’s ass. 😃


You receive one Ghost Booster every day for completing your daily task (working and training) and it can be stored in your storage indefinitely. When activated, the Ghost Booster gives you 30% of the biggest damage/hit of the citizen who fights in the same Battle, Round, side and Division as you. You can find more information on that HERE. Now that may not seem like a big deal, but assuming there are some fat ass tanks hitting in Division 1 that is quite the punch you can acquire.

I tried to use that to my benefit more efficiently, while earning some cash by doing so, and here is what I found out.

I found out that the Ghost booster could be really helpful wining the Freedom Fighter Medal (FF) and the Mercenary Medal (MM). I know they don’t give gold like the Battle hero (BH), but stay with me.

First thing you want to do is to go check the current wars.

Look for ground based wars – not aerial ones because the booster will not work there.

I am usually looking for resistance wars that are nearly about to end with the resistance winning (the picture below), so that I will be sure to stack a successful liberation of a region for the FF medal.

It is always a good thing if the resistance war has some combat order active (the picture below) – you will get some additional cash for hitting there at the proper time and wall percentage.

If, by any chance, there is an EPIC BATTLE (see the picture below) that happens to comply with the above said criteria – choose that one – there will be a lot of fat arse tank there and you will receive double prestige points when fighting there – helps a lot with the weekly challenge.

Now you have already selected your RW – click fight and check who is fighting there. If there is some fat tank there fighting for the resistance you can travel to that region (so you can fight in the RW). When asked to change location check how much cc will it cost you to go there. It is usually quite a lot (like 60-80 cc) so if you don’t have tickets – buy a few Q5 tickets from the market (the average price is 40 USD, which is a lot less that the usual travelling cost). Before you travel to the selected region check if you have all the following stuff, so your trip will be successful:

- At least a few Ghost booster (just in case)
- Some Q7 tanks – the more the better, but don’t go crazy.
- A backpack full of Lembas bread
- I would recommend at least 3 Q5 Tickets – keep reading to see why
- Fully restored energy pool

If you have all that you are good to go

You are now in the region – select the RW and choose to fight for the resistance. Once on the battlefield – on the lower left corner (see the picture below) you will see the damage/hit you will be doing if you activate the Ghost booster. Now the booster lasts for a minute so check you internet connection 😉 because of lags and stuff.

Quick note: always try to hit with a Q7 tank – the punch you will acquire with an active booster and a Q7 tank you will be one hitting enemies like with a bazooka – really helps you conserve energy, resources and experience points.

When you complete the kills needed for the FF stack (25/50/75) and if you have some booster time left QUICKLY go back and switch sides – fight for the oppressor country. In that way you can add both the resisting country and the oppressor country to your 25 score kills for the Mercenary medal. I found out that maneuver is doable (at least for me) with one booster if you have to make the 25 and 50 kill stacks for the FF and I have to use 2 for the 75 kills stack on the FF. Without the booster you won’t be one hitting people unless they are really low on Health.

Quick note: If you are a low ranking player like me – consider that using the Ghost booster properly you will be advancing trough ranks like crazy, so there will be some annoying messages constantly popping up, saying you have advanced your rank and stealing your booster time. Keep that in mind.

When you finish scoring both sides and if you have the same energy pool like me – 500, you will be facing one of the following scenario.

- If you are doing the 25 kills stack FF medal – you would have used exactly 500 health hitting for both sides. In that case I find another suitable RW (hence the more tickets you had to prepare) and hit there too (hence the more boosters you had to prepare) with the 500 Health I just restored with the Lembas bread. After you score another RW then you can go back to your corresponding Holding company region so you can work. That way you save one Q5 Ticket.

- If you are doing the 50 kills stack FF medal – you would have used 750 Health – 500 for the resistance and 250 for the oppressing country. In that case you could wait a bit to restore some health and once you have 750 to restore – go for the second RW score.

- If you are doing the 75 kills stack FF medal – you would have used 1000 Health to do the job. In that case if you have the time and the resources you can wait till you regain sufficient amount of health till you go to the next RW, or you can go back to your holding company region.

IMPORTANT: NEVER go to the next RW if you don’t have the needed health to complete the task. By the time you regain your health the RW may be over and you would have wasted one ticket. Take that into consideration.


Using that strategy I found out that:

- You can easily make quite a lot of cc from winning some Freedom Fighter medals and some Mercenary medals by one hitting your enemies and using a lot less resources very efficiently. Now that may not be true with the FF progression, because it will require a lot more successful resistance wars hence more resources will be used, but I believe at least for the first 9 or so it will be a viable strategy (I plan to make an update when I see how that goes). Now winning a FF may not seem like a lot, BUT the BH medal for Division 1 gives you 2 Gold and you have to use insane amount of resources to fight for it. The FF gives you 1000 cc which in the current exchange rate is 3 Gold (if you have the nerves to wait on the Monetary market). Your expenses in earning the FF medal will be 1 gold at most – at least for my current situation. So you have the same amount of gold as the BH and you have spent considerably less amount in earning it + no tank can steal your FF medal. Add the occasional Mercenary medal + some cash from wisely choosing the battle with a combat order – you can earn quite a lot of cash. But I guess everyone can calculate for themselves if this is a profitable strategy for their current situation.

- By using the booster properly and Q7 tanks – you are one hitting enemies, which means you earn only 1 XP per enemy killed, not the usual 3/4/5. That means you will stay in lower divisions longer than and in the meantime earn some cash.

- You will grow your rank like crazy – yes, strength is the main deal in the game and our priority should be to stack more of it, but the additional 5% more juice from every rank you advance adds a bit more to your punch. Plus by ranking up you would make a stockpile of energy bars that you can store or use – I personally store them.

- And the most important thing – your achievements wall will look shinier 😃

Now, everything said above is my own opinion and as for now works well for me. I hope it will work for some other youngsters like me too 😉


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