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Pony Express 1758 - eRep's Gold-Saving Gold-Sinks

Day 1,758, 13:21 Published in USA USA by The Pony Express

Dateline : Wednesday, Sept 12, 2012 (Day 1758)
Location: White House Press Room
The Pony Express spotlights the best of the US (and sometimes foreign) media.
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News from The White House
Imagine that, the Pony Express promoting the White House...

Fidel Custer is joined by Media veterans Raul Killah and Che Anarchy to bring Government Media back to the People.

White House Press Room
:: WHPR Day 1758
:: New Media Regime Seizes Government Newspapers and Radio!
:: Rogue Proposals F*ck Everyone!
:: French Actively Attempting to PTO America!
Don't whine about it here, go join the sh*tstorm at the article's Comments thread!

eNPR Oval Office Radio
:: Next Scheduled Show: eNPR Thursday, Sept 13 at 1900 hours.

The Wire by President Israel Stevens: [PotUS]News and Other Things
Voice of Candor by Candor: President Israel Stevens: A week in review.
Meet The Press by portcolumbus: Congressional Failures

Training Contracts; Training Grounds Upgrades; Gold Packs

eRep is now offering three ways to throw your money into a hole!

Most Company owners anxiously await the discounted Company Upgrades, and we'll just have to keep on waiting for that.. best guess might be late October at the soonest, to get their gloms on your Christmas shopping money.
Today our benevolent game hosts have come out with Discounted Gold Packs (for you credit card commandos whose BH medal collections need moar!), plus a Discount on Training Grounds Upgrades. But getting the most press is the Training Contracts, which require some math and serious consideration.

Edit: eRep breaks some of their own links and gives a "malicious link" notice. Where this occurs you'll find the writer's name linked to their Profile page, and you'll have to surf in from there. Every one of these articles was found in the US Media, so they link fine from those pages. The URLs were copied from the articles into the WYSIWYG editing program for this article.
Think maybe they'll use all this extra income to hire competent programmers, or fix buggy scripts?

eNY Times by Jetsmets: Training Contracts: Are They Worth It?

The Troll Master by Molumze: [Troll Master] Limited time offer troll master style

White Blank Page by biglog168: Contracts

Fri Lab by SilosTheOne: Training contract

Mic check by Leuch: The reason why Plato proposes you a contract with Lana.

SapSi_Times by Sapadak: Training Contract for the poor


eAnnounce by SvetBG: Training Contracts Explained [EDITED]

Loud News by into the deep: Training Contract Analysis [EN / TR]

Enallaktikh Apopsi by Mithrantir: Προσφο& rho;α για train

Donkeys times by tommy8878: Detailed analyzes of proposed contracts for training

Mathilda News by Lyanmon Reyiz: Yeni Training Şeysi 0.19 ve 1.49 Basanlar Dikkaaaat!

What's with the Economy by xy2set: Everyone's Training Contracts/Ground's Fails

Here's something that's not in an article, but a very detailed Google Doc:
tsewell wrote 17 minutes ago
Wondering whether you should get a contract? This table shows you in black and white...

This Sh*t's funny!

Phonet by vvip: coca? цоца?

Help Wanted:
"Young, skinny, wiry fellows, not over eighteen. Must be expert writers, willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred."
Not kidding. Looking for active talent for the White House Press Corps. Orphans preferred.

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George Armstrong Custer Co-SecMed
Yeah, I'm back, but not full time 24/7-- I've got RL commitments. Civ and John, too, which is why we worked out this "Co-SecMed" thing to keep the Media Dept going without over-committing to the game.

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Pony Express Day 1758
eRep's Gold-Saving Gold-Sinks



The Pony Express
The Pony Express Day 1,758, 13:22

Today our benevolent game hosts have come out with Discounted Gold Packs, plus a Discount on Training Grounds Upgrades. But getting the most press is the Training Contracts, which require some math and serious consideration.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,758, 14:12


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,758, 14:12

**"malicious" links to some Training Contract articles**

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,758, 14:52

thanks, Mary Chan, I did what I could to correct the problem.
and a happy ~hyuu~ to you, too.

Candor Day 1,758, 15:50

Votado potato.

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