Mechanics v. Ideology - eUSA Dies [tl;plzr]

Day 637, 15:40 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt
18 August, 2009, Day 637 of the New World - This is an open letter to The Report from Jewitt himself. It is in its original text and has not been edited in any way.

There's a movie playing in my head
Bombs falling and children crying
The sun rise and the sky turns red
Load your guns tonight

Let's talk about other people for a second

Eugene Harlot, Leroy Combs, WahooBob, and countless other active people in the game are leaving. What makes this important? Because they get it. They are followers of Mechanicism. They understand that real life theory and practice does not work, but trust that those who have studied the game know how it works.

So, what's up?

I love RA2, especially the Russian invasion bits. Been useful lately.

We have lost region after region, and it is not our government's (or military's) fault. We are up against a well coordinated and strong enemy. We have held off longer than anyone could had guessed - PEACE thought it would take just two weeks, I thought a month. We're sitting at nearly two months and still holding onto two of our four most important regions.

We have grown stronger, we have learned what really works and what does not in war (through Mechanicism). We have, as a nation, learned that sometimes the government actually really does know what it is doing. We as nation have learned that behind the seal "Government of the eUnited States" are players just like the workers and two-clickers, just with bigger voices and a better understanding of how the game works.

How the game works...

If the eUSA Falls Tonight

The eUSA has a terrible habit of grabbing the high schoolers from the internet that took an American Government or General Economics class and immediately think they are experts. To add to this, politics and economics in real life are very different than in eRepublik. I have written tens of articles trying to describe the divide and argue why we must all look at the game from the "Mechanics Perspective" instead of the "Ideological Perspective."

Many tax plans went through congress, and ended up being about this issue. What we all realized was that although the more active and voiced persons look at it from a Mechanics Perspective, congress will always be filled with Ideological thinkers that bring real life thought into the game. This slows us down, or prevents us from progress.

Anyone like this game? I've been thinking of buying it.

If the eUSA was to fall tonight, that would be it for months. Months. Why? It takes congress nearly a month to decide anything important: Tax plans, what to call their board, create a budget, what the e-national anthem should be, if the letter 'b' really does come after the letter 'a.' How do we expect our nation, which has been divided since its creation, to rally behind a single resistance movement?

I can't count on my hands how many resistance groups I have heard of. Many have talked to me about joining if the eUSA falls. I ask them if they intend to merge with other groups, and all they do is beat their chests at how awesome and large they are.

I have fought eAmericans while we had a country on something as simple as how the income tax works (there's no works this way....end of discussion!) and I would fear the day if I had to fight with eAmericans in coordinating a resistance. It all boils down to what is needed in this game.

So to me, eRepublik dies when the eUSA does.

If the eUSA Stands and Wins

It won't change anything from what I said before. We will continue to bicker. Parties will say they are bipartisan while moving voters to get their congressmen in power. Conservatives will still think there's a holy war to be fought against the liberals, and the laissez-faire supporters will still preach a strong and well-armed military despite the contradictions their platforms hold.

Two senators arguing over minimum wage.

We will never succeed as a nation because we are stuck in the Ideology v. Mechanics debate. There shouldn't be a debate - the game works this way. Period. This is a social simulator, not a political simulation.

What did I Learn Just Now?

I started this article with the intent to reference that I may not be playing this game for much longer. But as I progressed, I noticed something. I have, for some blasted reason, become attached to this nation. To the people. To the game. The bickering, the inapplicable partisan ideologies, the grudges.

President Emerick showing an old white man how the game works.

Will I continue being that active voice, advising presidents and citizens alike about economics and the markets? Will I continue to bridge the diplomacy gap? Will I keep advocating the freedom of all occupied territories actively? Maybe. Time will tell. But what I do have to say is....damn eUSA. Get your act together. This is not real life. This is not a simulation for politics. The game works this way. Period.

There's a voice screaming in my head
Telling me that I best stop crying
Stand up it will be okay
Load your guns tonight

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To do List:

We need to realize that the people on the other side of the battlefield are human too. Check out this promotional video made by the Hungarian Elite Unit, which was what I was listening to while writing this. Show them some respect, and be clean.

Check out this article. Good stuff, in my opinion. Also, friend, Airborne comrade, and fellow cabinet member Gaius Julius wrote an amazing article worth reading.

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-Jewitt, Chief Editor