Japanese Dioist Movement

Day 1,177, 04:49 Published in Japan Japan by Alfred Ball

Dear Nippon,

The Dioist Front has been reborn in the land of the rising sun. We are a group of players well knowledged on game mechanics, and we have been constant leaders in whatever community we are a part of. Take Collinar for example he has been a valuable asset in many countries such as the UK, Malaysia, /V/akistan in the exodus movement where many famous players from various backgrounds went to build an empire and a respected country again from a former PEACE puppet that was only relevant through land swaps. He is an experienced congressmen, former minister of foreign affairs and even a former minister of defense. 

Or myself I have been a former president in Austria, as well as two time minister of defense there. In Japan I was your minister of foreign affairs for 4 months consectutively where I helped arranged land swaps with Poland and USA, brought us closer relations to our long time allies such as Croatia. I served as Minister of Defense where I pushed the JIA to more activity, established ways for citizens to come in and get supplies which gave new citizens the chance to come in and collect food to fight. As well as serving as a vital link to the new alliance PANAM also for 3 months continuously.

These are just two examples of great individuals who have had a clear history of leadership.

Outside of Japan some of the most polarizing and greatest players have been Dioists.

Agent Chieftain
St. Krems
Chocolate McSkittles

And many more citizens of the eWorld who have accepted Dio into their lives have become great.

The Japanese Dioist Movement will be a great asset for the country of Japan as we will take the players who chose our great party and teach them what it truly means to be great.

Our goals for Japan are to help the nation prosper by educating new blood on the the mechanics of the game. /V/irginizing the land of the rising sun, and spreading the word of Dio Brando and all his knowledge.

I welcome all citizens of Nippon to join me in greatness and become a member of the Japanese Dioist Movement today.

In the future be sure to read more on our party and latest endeavors.

10,000 YEARS!

Alfred Ball, Party President of the JDM