Happy Halloween #4

Day 2,894, 13:17 Published in USA USA by Jimmy Cincinnati

Issue #100

In case you missed it; parts #1, #2 and #3.

Happy Halloween; Ghost Fu Edition.
Part #4:

The Bear Cavalry corralled the zombies, toward the Coliseum and dropped incendiary, bombs. The smell of burning flesh seemed to attract more zombies.

At the school; I kicked loose an arm that was wedged in the cattle plow and tossed it, so the kids didn't see it.
I took Phil and his family to the airport and avoided hitting zombies, on the way home.

I nailed the door shut, put on the cartoons and started making dinner. Then, I went upstairs, to see if I could get a quickie.

The wife was in our room, with the sister-in-law. It was nice to find two woman in my room; had they not been zombies. Hell, they had already started eating each other.

I couldn't risk letting the zombies get the kids, nor could kill the mom and Aunt in front of the kids. I locked myself in the room and took one for the team.

Meanwhile; Back at NOMOS Labs:

A Mike; did you dissect the zombie.

ALEX! My name is Alex!

Whatever! Did you do it?

Of course!

and? The suspense is killing me. C'mon; you know what I want. Is there a cure for zombification?

and you know what I want; a vending machine in the break room.

PilotPhil and Alex stare intently at one another.

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