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Flatster4CP – Special Update

Day 2,052, 03:13 Published in Australia Australia by AugustusX

Dearest Friends, Supporters, Colleagues, Comrades and Acquaintances,

I write this article today to release some very exciting news that has occurred in the past 48 hours! Thank you for reading and I look forward to the election in 2 days. I have one final article after this one with final remarks, so stay tuned for that one.

Deputy Prime Minister Announced:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have successfully sought and approached my deputy Prime Minister. Many of you know him as my contender, I consider him my friend. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Callumh123.

It took me quite sometime to announce my deputy for a simple reason: I wasn’t sure who would fit the role and back me when I needed them to. After much consideration and thought, I came to the conclusion that Callumh123 fit the mould. After reading through his policies it became apparent that his objectives match mine almost to the tee. Furthermore, Callumh123 and I have worked together before in various portfolios, so I know him well enough to understand that he will be a competent and successful deputy Prime Minister.

Finally I understand that Callumh123 is my contender and in an effort to unify eAustralia as I said I would, to face our common enemy of eIndonesia, there is no better way than accept my biggest contender into my cabinet to work alongside me. So I welcome Callumh123 with open arms and look forward to our possible future working relationship! Welcome to the campaign Callumh123.

Australian Revolutionary Party Endorsement:

I was most delighted to be informed of ARP endorsement the other day. I was told that after holding a primary vote in their party forum I achieved the highest number of votes from their members and therefore was democratically selected as the candidate that deserves ARP support. I was most delighted by this as the ARP is currently Australia’s largest political party! I also want to acknowledge my fellow candidates in their challenge. Thank you ARP, I won’t let you down.

When a party chooses to support you on such a momentous occasion such as running for CP, it is a great feeling because you feel like you are really connecting with the people and your ideas, policies and aims are making there way out there. I will use the media as my most prominent form of contact and expression, but if you feel like you need clarification or a more in-depth analysis on what I stand for, please contact me via mail and I certainly will reply to the best extent that I can. Sometimes the message is lost over mass media platforms and a one on one discussion can be much more beneficial.

Cabinet Released: Upholding the values of a “strong, stable, decisive” government.

My cabinet article that was released outlined a very strong and stable cabinet that will, I believe, have the best chance of delivering on my promise of making our nation whole again. It was suggested that I should outline why I selected the people I did, so I will do that now.

Chief of Staff: MollyJo

Molly Jo is the current CP and a very good one at that. She’s active, quick on her feet and strong. This means she can get the team working and keep them coordinated in what they should be doing.

Senate Liaison: Nicky6Fingers

Nicky is a good friend of mine and a dedicated player of eRepublik. He’s been with me in the ACP and he’s remained steadfastly loyal. This means I can trust him. Nicky will make a great addition to the team and a fantastic Senate Liason. Nicky is a current senator and a first timer which is great because he can keep the senate on their toes without being bogged down in the old feuds and complexities of the law.

Advisors: Military Advisor: Mack_Craft, General Advisor: Ranger Bob

Who hasn’t heard of these guys? Mack is one of our biggest hitters and a well-versed man in the ways of war. His advice and input will be invaluable to this terms success. Furthermore, Ranger is a long time eAustralian Patriot and strong leader. His terms as CP (of which I was lucky enough to serve as MoD) means his experience will help this government in its goals.

Department of Defence: Mickskitz, Wyvernjack, Greg L

Mickskitz is a good guy of eRepublik. He’s got a strong mind and clear sense of direction. This is perfect for what I want to achieve in this terms Defence goals, and this means Mickskitz can deliver. WyvernJack I have gotten to know as of late and he has come across as dedicated and enthusiastic, something invaluable to any government and I believe he will help compliment the defence team tremendously. Finally there’s Greg. Greg is a true patriot, which is undisputed. His keen attitude and love of eAustralia means that Greg will stop at nothing to rally the troops and help deliver our regions back to us. Overall, a very strong Defence Team.

Department of Foreign Affairs: Tim_Holtz, Riyusaky

Tim Holtz. Do I need to say more? A serial Foreign Affairs expert and long time desperado of this game, Tim’s name on the international stage can make or break a government. Riyusaky I am excited to say will be in my cabinet also. Having met only recently as well, we’ve had many great chats on IRC and I think he’s got a keen eye and attitude to match that will grow exponentially under Tim. Go FA.

Department of Finance: Banzai3141, ToffeeTish, venja

Banzai and Venja are two of my Australian Defence Force buddies. Having served alongside both of them I can say they have the brains and the work ethic needed for a strong cabinet. Venja is famous for his finance skills and Banzai is keen to learn! A perfect combination topped off nicely with ToffeeTish, who is also keen to learn and work alongside two of eAustralia’s greatest names.

Department of Immigration and Security: Arthur_Cole, MzCielly

Arthur_Cole has served in immigration so many times it’s hard to tell what nationality he is. I am excited to welcome him back to the post after his CP run this term and I welcome him alongside my other competitor, Callumh123. Arthur_Cole is joined with MzCielly who is one of eReps sweethearts. With a gentle heart but a keen eye MzCielly doesn’t miss much, a perfect match with immigration and security.

Department of Education: Saiwun, Marquis_Andras: Centrelink: Dr Hugh Jardon, Terravista

Education is always important and the fantastic job that Saiwun has done this term can be continued! Marquis_Andras is also excited to be working alongside Saiwun in training our future leaders and players! I respect both players greatly for the work ethic and dedication to seeing eAustralia grow under their watch. Centrelink is also going to be revamped under my government and when Hugh told me he is better at looking good than writing an essay, I knew the first thing our new players should see is his ripping body. That’s bound to make them stay. Hugh will be joined with Terravista, the overly keen new guy who will deliver results before he stops to breathe!

Department of Information: m.a.x.i, Dodgy_Hagrid

Everyone will agree that Maxi’s recent article revealing some great polling caught many eAustralian’s eyes, especially as it was his first article! Maxi is a bright and fast learner that’s why I’ve given him the task as MoI, because he can catch your eye and is certainly one for innovation. I think he’ll do a ripping job. Backed up with Dodgy_Hagrid this Information team is bound to reform the way we communicate with the public. Hagrid is an active member of our community and I am happy to welcome him to the cabinet.

So that concludes this special announcement article. Please stay tuned for the final article to come in the next few days before the election and don’t forget to log on Friday and Vote #1 for Flatty – because your vote counts.

Campaign Outline:

X Introduction
X Policies Outlined in Depth
X Who am I?
X Cabinet Outlined
X Special Announcement
- Voting Time and Final Remarks

eAustralian Patriot


Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Day 2,052, 03:18


Mack Craft
Mack Craft Day 2,052, 03:20

/me gives Pat a gold star

Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Day 2,052, 03:23

Thank you very much. I have found you deserving of two silver stars. One for commenting second. And one for appreciating how deserving I am of a gold star. 🙂

Mack Craft
Mack Craft Day 2,052, 03:27

i hear flatty is handing out cookies for votes

Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Day 2,052, 03:28

I hear his baking is terrible anyway, I'd rather beg for cookies from mzCielly first.

AugustusX Day 2,052, 03:30

What if I said MzCielly is cooking the cookies to be given out?

Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Day 2,052, 03:32

I probably wouldn't believe you. As I said in your cabinet article, you're the one I trust the least in that cabinet.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,052, 03:39

The good news is that a brand spanking new laptop will be with me by the 5th so I will be able to do regular updates \o/

Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Day 2,052, 03:42

Did you honestly decide to make a comment that relates to the article? 😞
Delete it now.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,052, 03:45

I'm just excited, for a month now I've been using a laptop that should be eligible to claim a state pension...5TH...WEBCAM...PORN...PHOTOBUCKET...PORN...FAST LOADING WEB PAGES...PORN...MOVABLE IMAGES...PORN...CLAIRE LOUISE WEBCAM PORN....PORN!!!

Oh and articles, i like writing articles.

AugustusX Day 2,052, 03:43


G V N Day 2,052, 05:23

is good to see the children of eChile to be independent, do it right or we will fix everything. /o///

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,052, 05:32

That will only happen through Gov incompetence, just like last time.
How's Argentina treating you? I did ask them to bring their own lubricants but you know how they are when they get excited and their prey has nowhere to run.

G V N Day 2,052, 05:51

Independence is not argaytina but eChile gave them.
teaching thank overcoming struggle and I leave eChile.
others must go to military school to learn these strategies.

They will be our younger brothers forever and will save them when needed.
We speak for us, do not depend on a third country to discuss or liberate, learn why they are taught eChile for months.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,052, 07:52

who did what to a monkey?

m.a.x.i Day 2,052, 20:37

VOTED. Great idea about callumh123 becoming deputy. It show's politics isn't all about dirty play right? maybe you truly can unify the country! I think you can!

Callumh123 Day 2,053, 01:33


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