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eRepublik Glossary : Understanding eRep "Game-speak"

Day 1,330, 19:46 Published in Ireland Ireland by Sean Power

Here you’ll be able to get to grips with some of the stranger aspects of Internet slang aswel as the abbreviated language unique to erepublik. This isn’t meant to be a “read through” type resource. Come back if you ever have trouble deciphering what someone means by a specific word or use of shorthand. Everything is in alphabetical order with a specific section for common Internet slang/shorthand.

Suggestions for words to include or amendments to the Glossary are always welcome. Please feel free to Contact me with any questions which may remain.

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Last Updated : 14th July 2011
by Sean Power (Deputy Minister for New Citizens)

2-Clicker or Two Clicker - A citizen that only works and trains without much community involvement

ATO (Anti-Takeover) - The opposite of a Political Takeover (see below), an ATO, or Anti-Takeover, involves people working to defeat a political takeover by enemies.

Account Sitting - When a citizen gives their login information to another player to work and train for them for a short amount of time. This is illegal and is considered having a multi-account. The term is based on the English phrase “babysitting”.

Baby Boom - A period where many new players join.

Battle Hero – The player from either side of a battle that has scored the most influence during one of the rounds of the battle. They are rewarded with a battle hero medal and 5 gold.

Blocker - A blocker is a citizen who is running in a region for congress with no plans on winning. They run to prevent an enemy from running.

Brolliance - A now defunct loose defensive military alliance originally formed between USA and Canada and later extended to Japan, Australia and Ireland.

CC (Ceann Comhairle) - The moderator of the Dáil (Congress) on the forum.

CP (Country President) – The elected leader of a country, elected on the 5th of each month. They oversee the country’s cabinet and congress during their month in office as well as negotiations with foreign leaders. They’re able to propose MPPs as well as declaring war.

CP (Customization Points) – Describes the emphasis company owners choose to give to each component of the products their companies create. Now to be set by the Admin in fixed positions for each quality level of a product.

Dáil Éireann - Sometimes referred to as the Dáil. This is the Irish name for Lower House of Parliament/Congress.
( Forum Dáíl link / Ingame Dáíl link )

Dioist - An adherent of Dioism which is a popular eReligion.

DoD (Department of Defence) - Charged with organising the IA and our citizens for military defence.

Domination Bar

EDEN - Croatia, Canada, Romania, Spain, China and Australia are amongst the members of this Alliance.

Fortress Strategy – An outdated national strategy in which a majority of the population is moved to one or two regions. This previously raised the cost of attacking that region.

Headless chickens - The eRepublik staff, taken from their default downtime page. Since the term became popular, the staff has used a cartoon image of a headless chicken on 404 error pages.

HP (Health Pack) Increases health by 10 for the cost of 0.5 gold. Used by Tanks (see below) to fight more and cause more influence on a battle

HW Medal (Hard worker Medal) - Earned by working 30 days in a row. Accompanied by 5 gold reward.

IA (Irish Army) - The new Official Irish Army amalgamating ICA & IDF

ICA (Irish Citizen Army) - An independent Irish militia

IDF (Irish Defence Forces) - Previous name for Official Army of the Irish nation.

IEP - Irelands local currency earned when working.

Internet Slang – Abbreviations and terms frequently used on the Internet in order to simplify communication. So of the most frequently used terms are:
o/ or \o = Meant to represent someone waving, it’s a typical irc greeting
\o/ = Two arms raised – used to show happiness or approval
o7 = A salute, used to show respect or as a greeting between members of the military
AFK = Away from Keyboard
AFAIK = As Far as I know
BRB =be right back
GTFO = get the f*** out
IMHO = in my humble opinion
IMO = in my opinion
IRC = internet relay chat
LMFAO! = Laughing my f***** ass off
NP = no problem
POV = Point Of View
ROFL = Rolling on floor laughing
STFU = Shut the f*** up
TL;DR = Too long didn't read
TTYL=talk to you later
TY = thank you
WB = welcome back

Libertad - Heroic Greek Militia which came to help eIreland in early 2011 to aid greatly against the eBrits. Has formed an Irish division.

Luna - A smaller powered military alliance comprising the nations of Austria, India, Israel, Malaysia, Philippines, Switzerland and Uruguay.

Mini-battle - (Also referred to as Rounds) These last until one side scores 1800 points after which a fresh mini-battle starts following a 5 minute break. The first side to win 8 mini-battles successfully conquers or defends the region.

MM (Monetary Market) – Provides players with an opportunity to exchange currencies or to exchange currency for gold and visa-versa. If exchanging one country’s currency for another, it’s recommended that players exchange the currency for gold first in order to get the best deal

MMMP – Mass Media Mogul Project, these appear from time to time to utilise large populations of a country or alliance in generating revenue, usually for war, by co-ordinating subscriptions. Once over a 1000 (or mulitple of a 1000) subscriptions the newspaper owner receives a treasure map, the gold from which is donated to the cause.

MoC (Minister/ Ministry of Community) - Minister / Department running fun events for the community.

MoD (Minister/Ministry of Defense) – Minister/ Cabinet department overseeing national war efforts.

MoE (Minister / Ministry of Education) - Cabinet department overseeing citizen empowerment through access to information on game mechanics and other educational material. Currently incorporated into the Department of State.

MoF (Minister/Ministry of Finance) - Cabinet department /Minister responsible for safeguarding of revenue, budgeting and funding of other departments.

MoFA (Minister/Ministry of Foreign Affairs) – Minister/Department that communicates with foreign governments in order to build stronger relationships and better ties.

MoI (Minister/ Ministry of Information) – Minister/ Cabinet department charged with keeping citizens up to date. Currently incorporated into the Department of State.

MoI (Ministry of Industry) - Minister/ Cabinet department which oversees the running of state companies. Currently incorporated into the Ministry of Finance.

MoImm (Minister/ Ministry of Immigration) - Minister / Cabinet department which oversees citizenship applications and co-ordinates approvals with Congress members (TDs)

MoNC (Minister/ Ministry of New Citizens) - Minister / Cabinet department which welcomes new citizens and helps in their early development. Currently incorporated into the Department of State.

MoR (Minister / Ministry of Recruitment) - Focused on recruiting on websites other than eRepublik

MT - abbreviation for Moving ticket. No longer essential. You may now pay for travel using local currency directly on the change location page

MU - Short for Military Unit, a party of soldiers with a shared chat area and leader.

Multi - Short for multi-account; an additional citizen account created by another citizen used for cheating.

MPP (Mutual Protection Pact) – Also known as an Alliance. An agreement between allied countries to protect each other against enemy forces. Citizens may fight in battles from their home nation in battles which directly involve their allies.

Natural Enemy - One bordering nation can be set as a natural enemy by Congress per month. This opens up a free war and gives soldiers from that country +10% damage in battles against the country set as a natural enemy.

obrazek - Word that appears when an image that has been inserted into an article but it doesn't appear. The word actually means image or picture in Polish.

ONE (Order of New Eworld) - Super-Alliance with members such as Serbia, Hungary, Spain, Poland and Sweden. Has a long list of affiliated non-members towards whom it is also friendly.

Phoenix - Brazil, Argentina, Serbia, Hungary,France, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Slovenia and the UK were a few of this ex-SuperAlliances’ members. Disbanded in early 2011.

PP (Party President) – Party President elections are held on the 15th of each month. PPs guide their party’s activities over the course of a month and select possible congress candidates.

PP (Pádraig Pearse) - Aka Irish_Rebel_Reborn.

PP (Political Party) – Groups with shared ideologies. The 5 largest parties in a country are allowed to nominate congressional candidates. Smaller parties frequently contact larger parties in order to gain candidacy for their members.
View the Current Top 5 Parties

Pertamax - Indonesian equivalent for the English eRepublik meme First indicating that a citizen has managed to be the first citizen to comment on an article.

PTO - abbreviation for Political Takeover in which one group performs a coup d'état upon another country during elections in an attempt to control a position of political power. It’s also possible for players to organise a PTO of a rival political party within a nation.

RM (Raw Material) – Raw Materials are harvested by employees of a RM company then sold to manufacturing companies to create finished which are then sold to players in the marketplace. There are two types sometimes referred to as FRM (food raw materials) or WRM (weapon raw materials)

Round - See Mini-Battle above

Resistance War - A Resistance War is a battle in which only one nation participates, and can only be started in a region which is not native to its current owner. If the battle is successful, it returns to its original owner.

Resources - Each region/segment of a nation has a resource which may boost production if connected to the capital of that country.

SS Medal - Super soldier Medal : Received for every 250 strength gained through training. Accompanied by a 5 gold reward.

Taoiseach - Occasionally used to refer to the Country President of Ireland due the powers being closer to that office in real life than those of the President.

Tank - Someone who spends large sums of Gold on wellness packs during wars. “To Tank” is the act of spending the gold on wellness packs and weps in order to fight 80, 90 or more times during a given battle.

TD (Teachta Dála) - The Irish language version of “member of congress”

Terra - USA, Brazil, Argentina (disputed) and Japan are part of this alliance which shares friendly relations with EDEN.

TM (Treasure Map) - A discontinued random gold reward gained for achievements. Replaced by a fixed 1 gold reward for levelling up and 5 gold reward for medal achievements.

Training War – A Training War is a battle staged for the purposes of countries within a MPP (Mutual Protection Pact) in order for them to keep their citizens’ thirst for war satisfied and to help them gain military rank faster. Common in the past but currently rare.

Troll - A person who tries to , or the act of, provoking an emotional response and annoyance in someone by posting inflammatory material. Sometimes funny, sometimes abusive, sometimes ridiculous!

Two Clicker - See 2-Clicker

V + S - Voted and Subscribed

Wall - The Wall is the old name for the blue and red domination bar in the center of the battle page which displays who’s controlling the battlefield at present.

WP (Wellness Pack) - outdated name of a Health Pack which allows for additional fights in battles.

With thanks to whoever created this glossary in South Africa which was used as the basis the Irish version.

Brought to you by :

Sean Power
(Deputy Minister - New citizens)


(Minister of New Citizens)


Riggy Day 1,330, 20:39

Sean wrote it all, I don't deserve my pic there. But I do look handsome.

orangejuicemmm Day 1,330, 20:49

PP (Pádraig Pearse) - Aka Irish_Rebel_Reborn. DO NOT give this character any gold EVER!!! A known scoundrel and blaggard - Slightly uncalled for from a D.Minister also opinionated and subjective.

Sean Power
Sean Power Day 1,330, 20:56

OJ man.... never figured you for one to have lost his sense of humour. Want a hand finding it?

Riggy Day 1,330, 21:33

I see it's fixed.

Sean has a lot of work writing all these guides. Give the man some credit!

But a man alone can't do everything perfect. So if you see anything else that doesn't cling well, shoot him a pm.

The guides belong to the community and the community has a say in them. Team work ftw!

DerBrad Day 1,331, 01:24

Voted hard
I will update the national library accordingly

castaneda Day 1,331, 03:45

Nice work Sean : )

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,331, 05:42

Can you add in Dictatorship, as seen as some said under Marcus Suridius's term. : P

Good stuff Sean.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,331, 06:06

Nah, it was never a decent dictatorship, but perhaps Junta should go in there. Seanan likes that word, I think.

King Connell
King Connell Day 1,331, 06:22

I like it how Padraig made it onto the Glossary

DashRiprock Day 1,331, 09:11

I learned something!

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,331, 11:17

John G = John Gormley

DerBrad Day 1,331, 13:07

This has been updated in the National Library (see link below) - thanks guys - Great article.,664.0.html

Tomazim Day 1,331, 15:09

Ireland - a country that does not exist

Klynn Day 1,332, 13:03

Great job, guys!

Tomazim - troll

PERICLIS Day 1,332, 13:53

NI voted

edfluff Day 1,332, 14:46

great work Sean

JohnSmith 2K9
JohnSmith 2K9 Day 1,332, 15:28

good work

ChewChewShoe Day 1,338, 13:25


ShadowMJ Day 1,352, 01:54


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