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ADP Food Drive!!!

Day 2,430, 04:15 Published in Australia Portugal by WachaGonnaDu

Howdy my hungry devils!!
Its that time again... Food Drive Time!
You know how it goes... Reply to the article and i'll send ya some grub...
only catch of course, you must be a member of the ADP political party.
I'll send you 200 Q5 food. You can either eat it,sell it,
gift it or whatever....
If you could please vote and subscribe...
the more votes, the more exposure the article gets for the other members to find.
also the more subscriptions means the more love I see from feeding ya'll... 😛

If I can ask a big favor from ya'll, please pass this newsletter about with other ADP folks. The more I reach the more I can feed... Thanks



Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,430, 04:19

O7 Brilliant work again

WachaGonnaDu Day 2,430, 04:21

Thanks to you! I wouldnt be able to put out great looking stuff.... hehe

Cry of Banshee
Cry of Banshee Day 2,430, 04:21

my vote 🙂

WachaGonnaDu Day 2,430, 04:31

thanks mate! always welcome all the votes I can get!

Guagature Day 2,430, 04:21

At least it is on a Wednesday now, not like Hugh's Wednesday maybe Thursday will cut it.

WachaGonnaDu Day 2,430, 04:22

lol well its wednesday to us....

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,430, 04:24

It just gone Wednesday noon here in the yes, your clocks were wrong...NOT ME!!!

WachaGonnaDu Day 2,430, 04:26

lol only 6:30 am wed my time...
but of course im a nite owl....
oops well day owl now... lol

Guagature Day 2,430, 04:55

10pm Wednesday here bro.

Cos we are just so advanced 😛

The.Hound Day 2,430, 04:29

will vote for beer 🙂

WachaGonnaDu Day 2,430, 04:31

right on time!
flings ya a root beer!
only thing the wifey allows this early in da mornin.... lol

The.Hound Day 2,430, 04:47

damn your eyes, it afternoon here 🙂

WachaGonnaDu Day 2,430, 04:33

I needs another bloody war on our land.....
need another true patriot medal to go with the food! 😛

DukeArioch Day 2,430, 07:25

voted 🙂

George Obrien
George Obrien Day 2,430, 07:32


Uday Jordan
Uday Jordan Day 2,430, 10:37

voted 🙂

Trent Christian
Trent Christian Day 2,430, 14:54


Mongoosier Day 2,430, 15:42

Devilishly tasty! O7

fish22 Day 2,430, 16:05

Voted 🙂

Liang Zhou
Liang Zhou Day 2,430, 16:11

voted 🙂

Rusty D
Rusty D Day 2,430, 16:41

nom nom, but would prefer a JD drive instead, my troops need to be liquored up to go into battle.

dburn40 Day 2,430, 16:47

voted and subscribed

Gaha Day 2,430, 20:16

Please sir?


JHead Day 2,430, 21:19

perfect timing i just finished off my last can of spam

WachaGonnaDu Day 2,431, 02:03

Sent ya some more spam. Hate to have ya run out. lol

CaptainNeon1 Day 2,431, 00:42


LordGrantham Day 2,431, 01:07

I say, I do feel a bit peckish

Bree K Day 2,431, 02:35

Comment deleted

Bree K
Bree K Day 2,431, 02:35

lol airstrike UK in game and set our capital to London
clocks will never be wrong again 🙂

WachaGonnaDu Day 2,431, 04:06

Now that would be funny. lol

Fungo Chutney
Fungo Chutney Day 2,432, 02:20

Would love some grits


Fungo Chutney
Fungo Chutney Day 2,432, 02:21


Omicronus Day 2,432, 03:17

Plz! 07

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