[Plato Foundation]Welcome rainy sunday, report week 44

Day 3,929, 04:32 Published in Belgium Belgium by mittekemuis

From the community for the community with the help of Plato’s notorious gold reserve

Report week 44

Apologies for being late this week.

Financial overview & evaluation:

We are spending too much money!
Because we are constantly reaching the 6000 Gold/month limit, some projects that re-apply for a second/third month of funding might only receive between 25-50% of the original sum applied for. The reduction will differ from project to project depending on different factors such as the sum requested, the amount of participants and the overall impact of the project.

We have been too lenient in regards of submitting financial reports and articles
All too many times our members have to nag people to hand in their reports and/or articles. Although we don’t mind reminding the project leaders of their duties we do expect some level of professionalism. Before today we asked for a weekly report and every 4 weeks a published article. From now on we are going to ask a weekly article for the ongoing projects where they explain why they have gotten PF funding and who is benefitting from their efforts. This will be done with a clear financial overview either with a link to a google spreadsheet or with screenshots embedded in the article or both. Failure to provide a weekly article will lead to the immediate stop of funding.

Don’t be afraid to ask question and send us your applications

Another quick recap of what you need to do if you have an idea or want to start a project running for your country.

Steps for submitting a project:
Come up with an idea!
Are you trying to help your community grow? Do you want to support new players? Are you aware of a need that needs to be met? Do you think that a player needs to be rewarded for his activity within/for the community? We’re here to help!

Write your presentation…
Under the form of an article. Describe your project clearly, giving details about how it will work, its goals and the impact it should have on the eRepublik community. We’d also love to hear about similar projects from the past and effect they had. Last, but not least, let us know about your personal contribution to the project, whether it’s time or resources - all help is welcomed! Remember that transparency is key here so try to be as clear as possible when it comes to these details.

The article MUST be written in English. You can, if you want to, translate it into one or more languages if you think it is necessary, but make sure the English version is written clearly.

Get the community on board!
Once you have published your article, you should try to make it popular - shout it and get the community to vote and comment on it. We want to hear the opinions of other Citizens as well.

Submit it
Once you are happy with your project and the community’s feedback, submit it officially via the Discord channel of the Plato Foundation. You can also propose projects that aren’t yours but you consider as a good cause for the Plato Foundation. Congratulations! The following days you should be available to answer any other questions the Board might have and wait for the list of projects that have been chosen.

Grants and sponsorships will be given weekly. Throughout the week, players can submit projects which will be analyzed by the board. The voting takes place on Monday and the awarded projects of the week will be announced through an article which will be posted each week on Tuesday.

Types of Sponsorship:

One time sponsorships
Are contributing with resources to one time events as contests, programs aimed at growing eRepublik (programs aimed at new users, players behind baby booms), outstanding articles etc.

Sponsorships reward individual projects. The Gold Reward of maximum 500 Gold is given all at once. However, a Citizen can apply/be proposed again if they come up with a new project.

Rewarding continuous work on projects that adhere to the foundation mission. Those can include developers of external tools that significantly benefit the community, volunteers in the team with outstanding performance, journalists that work on a series of relevant and high-quality articles (i.e. a world status update).

Grants offer a maximum of 1000 Gold over a period of one month. The Gold will be transferred to the project leader to be shared according to the rules proposed. At the end of each week, he must post a follow-up article, giving details about how the Gold has been used before the next deposit is made. If the resources haven’t been used as promised, the board can choose to stop the funding. At the end of the month, the project can be proposed again for a Grant.

What to do once you have obtained plato Foundation Grant for x amount/week. Hand in a weekly article with a clear financial overview. If for some reason your unable to do this you should warn the foundation before Sunday evening.
Keep in contact with your liaison. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

The Ongoing projects are:
Icarus project have been running for 11 weeks and will be reviewed under the new rules next week. They will receive 250 Gold.

The Russian Air squad is running smoothly. They will receive 250 Gold.

Lithuanian army[/url and will receive another 100 Gold.

Belgian BHA has run its third week. They will receive 70 Gold.

The board renewed its vote on the continuation of this long running project but
Mentalist de Bucovina is still in Indonesia. Seems he is stuck out there. For now he doesn’t need new gold.

The Swiss avio projectrunning for 9 weeks already. They will be receiving 110 Gold.

MEK Housing will receive their seventh grant of 250 Gold.

The Charles B. Debellevue initiative will receive their fifth grant of 250 Gold.

Croatian] Falcons are going in their second week and will be receiving 100 Gold when they hand in their report.

New projects
The Irish Army handed in their request and the board approved their application. Mittekemuis is their liaison. They will receive 200 Gold.

Aviation] Academy SpA also requested help with setting up their aviation academy. HerrKader will be working with ICurlybear. This week they receive 190 Gold.

When this team started 3 months ago voices were raised to why they should be able to stay a long period of time. It was a valid question at the time and I would like to address this again. The team has been constant and working well together and as long they do not wish to be relieved of their duties we see no reason why they should stop serving.
That being said and the amount of work we do have, we would like to invite another player join the team. Rainy Sunday has expressed her wish to work with us and we would like to welcome her to the team.

With this, I also want to call out to you. If you are interested to be part of the Plato Foundation team don’t hesitate to contact anyone of us.

Do you have a project that would help your eCommunity? We’d love to hear about it! Make sure to submit it in the Dedicated Discord channel.