[BHA] Report week 3

Day 3,918, 08:52 Published in Belgium Belgium by Belgium.info

Greetings fellow Belgians!

Not so long ago we decided to run House Aid program for our fighter and help them finance a Q2 house every week so everyone who shows enough activity to score 1k points get funds to buy one and get extra energy and more overtime work tickets to rank up faster and earn more money.

To help finance the project we applied for a Plato Foundation’s grant and we received the second grant.

This week, there were 5 Belgians who applied for rewards and each of them received 5,300 cc to buy a Q2 house. In total we distributed 26,500 cc this week.

If you are new here or have not yet read terms and requirements to join the project you can read them here.


-Belgian citizenship

-Active Q1 house (If you are new to the game or cannot afford a Q1 house, we will provide you with the money to buy Q1 house and in advance, you will be able to buy your own Q1 house with salaries and also make some extra money.)

-Score at least 1000 points in weekly leaderboards (explained below).

-After you receive your first money donation for Q2 house, you need to have Q2 house active when you apply for another money donation for Q2 house.


Every weekend there is a post on the National feed that looks like this:
eBelgian House Aid - Week x

Opened for supplies

All you have to do is to leave a comment below such post before Tuesday 00.00 eRepublik time. The post will be posted on the national feed every Saturday, you should comment even if you haven’t reached the point requirement, but believe you will be able to reach it before week change. We will publish weekly reports on our project in articles, where we will also show the table of points citizens reached up to when the report was written. That way you can check how many points you have reached so far.


At the end of the week, we will check leaderboards for your kills. Points you need to collect are based on your weekly kills. For every kill you make in aircraft module you get 5 points. D1 players get 4 points for every kill in the ground module, D2 players get 4 points as well, D3 players get 2 points and D4 players get 1 point for every kill they make in a ground module. NOTE! Your points from aircraft and ground module get added together and form a final sum of points.

Stats for week 4

Those who already took part in the program already knows the drill and can apply for week 4 reward by commenting post on national feed.