eBelgian House Aid program

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As you may have seen on our national feed there is an ongoing project to help our aviators with energy to help grow our aircraft strength. The project is now already a few months old and a lot of you take advantage of it daily. We will continue that project and hopefully, with the help of the Plato foundation, we will be able to add the new scheme to that project.

If you are not yet taking part in the eBelgian Air Force and you would like to start, read the instructions below.

What is the eBelgian Air Force?

A governmental program (NOT a Military Unit), aiming to increase the overall national Aircraft capabilities by supporting and coordinating a group of eBelgian players, who will focus on flying.

Who can apply?

Every eBelgian player is allowed to participate, no matter his/her level, rank, Military unity or political party affiliations.

What do I have to do to participate?

The program started on the 4th of March - Day 3757.

Every Day a post a shout on the National feed will look like this:

eBelgian Air Force - Day xxxx

Opened for supplies

What you have to do is the following:

- Score at least 35 air round kills in that particular day. You can score the kills in any Air round(s) you chose.

- After you score at least 35 Air round kills you need to leave a comment on the daily eBe Air Force shout, stating the number of kills and the Round(s)/Campaign(s) you did them at. Here's an example of such a comment.

Latvia vs Belgium - Wallonia - Round 4 - 36 kills

or for more than 1 round/campaign

Latvia vs Belgium - Wallonia - Round 4 - 20 kills
Latvia vs Belgium - Wallonia - Round 8 - 15 kills

For every day you are able to complete those two tasks you will receive your daily supply.


* A player can apply for supplies only once per day.

* The supply giveaways for a particular day will be closed when the shout for the next day is posted.

* If, for some reason, you miss a day that WILL NOT disqualify you for applying another day.

- What will I get for participating?

The program will start with distributing 4 000 Energy per day for every participant that reaches the 35 kills goal for that day.

eBelgian House Aid program

As the existing project proved to be quite efficient and boosted the military activity of our citizens we would like to add a new scheme to the project. The idea of the new scheme is to reward every Belgian citizen who has already active Q1 house with Q2 house and that way provide more energy to our citizens and help them grow.

To help us with finances we are applying for a Plato Foundation’s grant. Hopefully, we will be, with Plato's help, able to set our community back on feet and light a new spark of activity.


-Belgian citizenship

-Active Q1 house (If you are new to the game or cannot afford a Q1 house, we will provide you with the money to buy Q1 house and in advance, you will be able to buy your own Q1 house with salaries and also make some extra money.)

-Score at least 1000 points in weekly leaderboards (explained below).


The program will start on the 24th of July.

Every weekend there will be a post on the National feed that will look like that:

eBelgian House Aid - Week x

Opened for supplies

What you have to do is the following:

At the end of the week, we will check leaderboards for your kills. Points you need to collect are based on your weekly kills. For every kill you make in aircraft module you get 5 points. D1 players get 4 points for every kill in the ground module, D2 players get 4 points as well, D3 players get 2 points and D4 players get 1 point for every kill they make in a ground module. NOTE! Your points from aircraft and ground module get added together and form a final sum of points.

-200 kills in aircraft mode give you 1000 points.

-250 kills in a ground mode for D1 and D2 players gives 1000 points.

-500 kills in a ground mode for D3 players gives 1000 points.

-1000 kills in a ground mode for D4 players gives 1000 points.

If you believe you have done enough kills in the week, you should leave a comment below a shout on national feed and make sure your Q1 house is active.

The project leader will then check if all participants have Q1 house active and donate money to the participants, with which they will be able to buy Q2 house on a marketplace.