Report for #MEKHousing Plato Foundation Grant

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Report for #MEKHousing Plato Foundation Grant

Dear all,

After one month of Plato Foundation Grant to the #MEKHousing program its time to present a global report and apply for the next month grant.

During these last four weeks, every week a detailed report was sent to the program panel.
you could find them here:
week 1
week 2
week 3
week 4

MEK MU Was awarded with 250 gold per week in a total of 1000 gold. Every week the gold was converted in cc on the monetary market, in a total of 438500 cc.

During this period the expenses with this program were of 821230 cc that means the grant allow a co-founding of 53,4%. The remaining founding was obtained with #MEKSponsorship and also the unobtained amount supported by rapaz_avr.

Stats from the last month:

Total Cost of the Program in this month: 821230 cc
Plato Grant in Gol😛 1000 Gold
Plato Grant in cc: 438500 cc (for each month conversion rate see the specific MEKHousing article)
MEKHabs used to get houses: 514
Plato foundation sponsor the program this month with 53,4 % of the total costs.

Direct Taxes Paid to Portuguese Government: 27310,17 cc

q1 Houses - 23
q2 Houses - 25
q3 Houses - 24
q4 Houses - 19
Total Number of Houses - 91

Number of beneficiaries this month: 22 players

Rapaz_avr & Piscosoares