Presidential Manifesto: Freedom! Forever!

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Presidential Manifesto: Freedom, Forever!

Comrades, commanders and politicians, intellectuals and workers, brothers and sisters, I come to you today to announce my candidacy for January 2012 Country President.

As I glimpse across the horizon, I am overwhelmed by the beauty of our nation, Switzerland. The blossoming snow on mountain peaks of the Alps and Jura Mountains… the calm breeze gliding across Lake Geneva… the sweet scent of wine grapes in the Valais… these are all the seducing muses which allow me to proudly call myself a Swiss! And now, it is time for the people’s voice, your voice, to be heard. It is time for our nation to be free, forever.

Freedom does not always mean having all our territories… sometimes, it means that we are able to coexist with our neighbors peacefully and still grow as a community. Already, I have served as Country President of Belgium in September 2011, and I have served multiple terms as Party President, Congressman, and other cabinet positions. Arriving in Switzerland for some time now, I have already served 3 consecutive terms as Minister of Foreign Affairs, and I know that I will not disappoint any of you if I am elected President. Now, I have countless strong beliefs about different topics, but as many of you know, I like a good discussion, so if you don’t completely agree with me on something, go ahead, comment below and we can talk about it. Maybe you’ll even change my stance on an issue! Anyways, here is my platform on which I shall stand on if I am honored enough to be elected as Country President of Switzerland. Freedom… Forever!

Yours Truly,
Monsieur Guillontine

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