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[WHPR] Congress, Alliances and a Debate

Day 1,982, 18:04 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room
White House Press Report – Day 1,982: Congress, Alliances and a Debate

Intimidating right?

Dateline: Wednesday, April 24th (Day 1,982)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR
1. POTUS Debate Thursday
2. Info on Alliances
3. Congress...What to do
4. Webcomic of the Day

Presidential Debate Tomorrow
Secretary of the Media Paul Proteus

Except in eRep the candidates actually say something

Tomorrow, Thursday April 25th, eNPR will be hosting a Presidential debate between those candidates hoping to run in May.

It's still early, especially since candidates traditionally candidate no earlier than the 26th so as to not disrupt Congress, but due to the nature of Unity elections; the only way for a Presidential debate to be viable is to host it early. And Thursday, April 25th is the only time that worked with all of the candidates schedules.

While no candidates have officially announced their campaigns, well informed citizens already know who is running, as well as the fact that it leaked yesterday on eNPR, I think it's fairly safe to report it here. Dr Luis Sentieiro, Former President Artela and Tenshibo will all be taking part in the debate.

And former President Oblige will be hosting. If you have any questions you want to see asked, make sure to send them to Oblige! So be sure to show up, listen to the candidates, and make whale noises at him~

Alliances for Dummies
Secretary of the Media Paul Proteus

Many of you may have read Monday's rather well discussed WHPR detailing the possibilities of World War 6. Many of you may have read it and (hopefully) gained a better understanding of the eWorld, yet for many of you it was probably more confusing than anything else. To properly understand the state of the eWorld, it is essential to understand at least at a basic level the massive alliances that make up the eWorld.

Just don't stare into his eyes

Below will be a basic summary of each major Alliance and their position in the eWorld:

Circle of Trust

Circle of Trust is a military alliance consisting of 15 member nations, notably the eUnited States who joined this month. According to their wiki, CoT was founded after Bulgaria and Chile left EDEN and Terra respectively. In recent months, CoT has been seen as a friend to TWO, however that has been changing rapidly since the eUS was accepted as a full member into the alliance. The next World War will certainly see CoT on one side, and TWO on the other.


TWO, also known as The World is Ours, is an alliance, that includes Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom. Though Romania and possibly Greece may be soon to join that list. In other words, many current enemies of the eUnited States. TWO was founded after the collapse of ONE during Evry's presidency, proving if anything, that the eUnited States has nothing to fear in terms of her enemy's creativity. To make this as simple as possible, whether to protect herself, or in defense of her Allies, any World War in the near future will see the eUnited States fighting against TWO.


EDEN, as an alliance, is on its last legs. Though by far the oldest alliance, founded early 2009, it is likely EDEN will dissolve sooner rather than later, as Romania Columbia and Republic of China (Taiwan) have all left in the past week, with more are likely to follow suit. Interest in EDEN comes not from the alliance itself, but from departing member nation's impact on the upcoming global crisis. A lot of speculation has been done on where former EDEN nations will fall, in the polarized CoT v TWO world, with the majority agreeing that Romania and Greece are likely to fall TWO, while Croatia is likely to be an American ally. Whether any former EDEN nations decide to join a new alliance, or simply choose to take MPPs with certain countries on one side is something to keep an eye out for.


Not to belittle the importance of these two alliances, but both NaN (made up of Australia, South Africa, Cyprus, Malaysia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia) and Asgard (Finland, Sweden, Canada, Norway) will be relatively minor players in the War to come, as neither possess the hard hitters of CoT or TWO. Interesting to note, our neighbors to the north Canada are members of Asgard, so perhaps this alliance will come up again, only time will tell.

Congress Elections Imminent!
Secretary of Media Paul Proteus

This could be you America!

Good Morning eAmerica, how are you? The more astute of you will notice that the 25th has creeped up upon us again, and with that comes Congressional Elections. As always the AFA continues to attempt their hostile takeover of our country, luckily for us (though unfortunate in other ways), with the current Congressional rules voting instructions are easy.

Step 1: Vote for any Party aside from the AFA; Feds, AMP, WTP and USWP are all acceptable options.
Step 2: Save America
Step 3: Profit!

Vote for any of these Parties America!

See you on election day, and remember, Vote anyone but AFA,

E pluribus unum eUSA~

Web-Comic of the Day

Today's webcomic of the day is from Hark, A Vagrant, as always, enjoy~

The eNPR Schedule:
eNPR Oval Office Radio airs live every Tuesday and Friday night, at 18:00 eRep (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific).

eNPR will be live Tuesdays and Fridays at 18:00 with your host, Dr Luis

If you miss any live radio show, you can listen at your leisure, at eNPR Oval Office Radio.

Recommended Reading:

Dept of Education: [DoE] Vanek's essay on the War Module
This is a must read on the War Module...again if you want to understand how the War Module works, read this.
Dept of Interior: [DoI] Free Stuff for America
Free stuff, fairly self explanatory
WHPR: [WHPR] Civil Service Job Fair
Want a job working in Civil Service? Click here!

Media Around the Net
Some compiled media for your viewing pleasure:

Interesting Reads
-We must take the Current when it Serves from NewAzazel
-Guide to the War Module from Vanek and the DoE

On the Forums
-CoT and TWO discussion analysis
-Guns and Food to fight TWO
-A thread on wages

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WHPR: Day 1982
Congress, Debates and all about Alliances!

Paul Proteus, Secretary of Media
“Life itself is a quotation”
-Jorge Luis Borges

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Tenshibo Day 1,982, 18:06

*Whale Noise*

hehas Day 1,983, 10:03


Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,984, 08:33

hahaha I loved that part.

lapsinjs Day 1,984, 15:43

Comment deleted

MazzyCat Day 1,982, 18:11

Ack ♥

SColbert Day 1,982, 18:22

SColbert 4 CP!

Kooguy Day 1,982, 18:23


Cubby Day 1,982, 18:28

I think we'll miss Vanek.

Waysted Day 1,982, 19:01


Thedillpickl Day 1,982, 19:03

OMG! I stared into his eyes and the moved!!!

ligtreb Day 1,982, 19:05

Paul Proteus is the best.

bigcdizzle Day 1,982, 19:14

How many of those candidates have declared?

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,982, 19:20

Don't question the Unity process, BigC.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,982, 19:51

These candidates are those who have expressed interest in running, if any other candidates are interested as well they should PM me, or anyone involved really, and we'll do our best to make it work.

Cubby Day 1,982, 20:28

The Unity process is almost as perfect as the economy module.

Lee5790 Day 1,983, 10:59

It is better than letting RGR and the AFA take over.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,982, 19:18

How does a whale fit into a studio? Will be an unsolved mystery I guess...


George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,982, 19:26

what time is the Bigass POTUS Debate?

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,982, 19:57

I believe the same time as eNPR normally runs, just on Thursday, thanks for bringing that up

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,982, 20:09

You guys must go to the Jay Carney School of Press Relations

You learn well from him

Tyrannocopters Day 1,982, 22:30


This doesn't have to be the real US, CP elections starting earlier and earlier, Jesus Christ.

The Mike
The Mike Day 1,983, 02:44

Voted o/

biaxident Day 1,983, 04:36


fingerguns Day 1,983, 06:59

CP debates happening on Congressional election day before anyone has officially announced.


Sever Vetrovnik
Sever Vetrovnik Day 1,983, 08:29

Chile was kicked out from Terra by the US.

Roxyem Day 1,983, 21:28


lapsinjs Day 1,984, 15:43

Comment deleted

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