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[MoFA Report #1] Foreign press review

Day 1,570, 17:11 Published in Philippines Philippines by kb1992

Hello Filipinos!

Philippine society should be well informed about the situation of our country and our allies in the international arena, so I decided to post reports from MoFA as often as possible.
In this issue we examine the situation in several allied countries, based on the most interesting articles in the local press.

In the American press uxini published in your newspaper an article containing many useful statistics showing, for example, the most powerful economies in the eWorld. It turns out that these are three of our allies: Brazil, China and USA. Turkey, in turn, is a country with the largest number of colonies - 23. Full article HERE.
HERE you can find the other article - an analysis connected with last economical changes with currencies and a tax proposal.

Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a long article in which they was shown the statement of Croatia in the Turkish-Bulgarian conflict and something about continuing Croatian-Serbian battles.
There were also references to days when Poland and Croatia were allies, before the creation of ONE.
Article is so large that it makes no sense to quote it here in pieces, you can read it HERE

Irish Ministry of Community posted interesting results of "Presidential Opinion Poll". In this poll Irish citizens responded to questions about the voting in the presidential elections. In addition, citizens are able to evaluate past presidential term. Complete results along with charts and short commentary can be found HERE

kb1992, Minister of Foreign Affairs



Chimere Day 1,570, 17:19

Good job, voted.

Coco The Killa
Coco The Killa Day 1,570, 19:10


Kamikaze muru
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Jon873 Day 1,571, 05:13

Nice one. Voted!

Mr_Pornstar Day 1,571, 06:36

nice one!

Mr aNiallator
Mr aNiallator Day 1,571, 10:51

Nice work o7

timguy1 Day 1,571, 15:29

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