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[MoEd] Huzzah For The NHS!

Day 2,391, 14:40 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Department for Education

“What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul.” Joseph Addison


Have you heard of the NHS? One of the eUK’s greatest non-partisan institutions founded by our CP, it supports new players lvl 1-29 with food supplies on a daily basis along with a plethora of other services from Mentoring to the eBrit Uni . All of this only made possible by the dedicated volunteers and donors who support the service!

If you’re between lvl 1-29 and a eUK Citizen and a fighting member of any eUK Military Unit then you should be signed up already! Click here to get registered now and start taking advantage of this amazing service!

NHS Mentoring Programme!

Don’t forget to sign up for the NHS Mentoring Scheme when you sign up for the NHS. Get a helpful, friendly and experienced mentor to advise you and help you get to grips with the eUK. Just tick the box when you complete the NHS Sign up Form.

eBrit Uni

“Our aim is to help players who are new to eRepublik who need that little helping hand - and we've all been there.”

Under the umbrella of the NHS is also the eBrit Uni system run by the lovely Madelina de Melrose. An amazing service that helps you get to grips with the basics of play whilst rewarding achievement take the time to sign up today

Check it out here-

or Drop Madelina De Melrose a message.

So guess what! In celebration of this grand institution and its contribution to the eUK here in the Ministry of Education it is officially (unofficially) WE LOVE THE NHS WEEK! That’s right celebrate it people

The Ministry of Education, thanks to the grand work of Massacar and his messaging powers have Surveyed your thoughts on the NHS and here we go a sample of our unanimous findings!

“Without it, I probably would have rage quit 2 months ago.”


“I've received food daily, without fail, since I signed up. “

“(I)Think the program is a good cause, run by good people.”

“I think the program is great, and is a key resource for keeping young players in the game, it enables so much more activity if a player has enough food, so I think it's one of the better things this country has going for it.”

Donations to the NHS:

The services provided by the NHS are all paid for through the generous donations and voluntary efforts of the Citizens of the eUK. If you wish to make a contribution get in contact with Director of the NHS –Alan Warwickshire

More on the NHS and Much More To Come From Your Education Ministry Team Subscribe and Check back for more information than you can handle 🙂

This Message Was Proudly Presented By Your Education Ministry Team

Minister of Education - Lazarus Eternal
Deupties- Massacar, LongshotzZ



The Aged and Eminent approves. :3

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 2,391, 15:08


Abraxaas Day 2,391, 15:10


KearoB Day 2,391, 15:12


Sexagenarian Day 2,391, 16:52

Hmmmm... nothing about the government even considering making a donation to the NHS. I wonder how many people this article will feed?

Massacar Day 2,392, 10:25

As the NHS is an independent organization it would be up to congress to decide to do any such donations. The purpose of this article was to give both the University and the NHS some more press. While most every established player is well aware of its existence there are always newer players who are unaware and could benefit from it.

Sexagenarian Day 2,392, 12:18

It seems to me the sole purpose of this article is to imply that the NHS is something the government is involved with rather than something it washed its hands of years ago. If the government really wanted to help the NHS this article should be an announcement of several tens of thousands CC as a donation.
If the government isn't prepared to do anything it should keep a low profile and let the excellent people running the NHS do what they do so well.

Massacar Day 2,392, 12:24

Well as you know Alan Warwickshire runs the NHS, and therefore he is the one who has the records of any and all donations. Yes we know the government doesn't run it, but either way that wasn't the point of this article. I for one would be happy to see some regular funding from the government, alas that's not within my power. I just settle for doing my own donations when I can afford to much like many other citizens.

Akarin Weston
Akarin Weston Day 2,391, 17:59

The NHS has helped me greatly since my return. I'm also incredibly pleased with the eBrit Uni, having completed 3/4 of the tasks, I hope to 'graduate' soon 🙂

Well done guys and all those involved

Ser Fartsalot
Ser Fartsalot Day 2,392, 01:04

Government should nationalize NHS so it gets even bigger funding.

FightAndProduce Day 2,392, 09:19

It used to be part of government itself, but it's now independent so that it cannot be meddled with by parties to gain them more support.

Sexagenarian Day 2,392, 12:22

I agree it used to be government run but it became a private initiative when the government at the time pleaded poverty and started hoarding taxes for the occasional crooked government to steal.

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 2,392, 02:54

Or at the least they should give a signifigant monthly grant to the NHS,

Lazarus Eternal
Lazarus Eternal Day 2,392, 03:03

In reality the government makes a very small amount from taxation due to its low levels.. The current Emergy proposal could be worked to include some donation to the NHS provision. However this would require further discussions with the MoF/Bank Of England. I will raise the matter in Cabinet and get back too you guys 🙂

Mr Pitbull
Mr Pitbull Day 2,392, 09:47

Voted, The government should do more to support the NHS.

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