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[MIA] Top 5 Tips and Pitfalls for New Players, plus more

Day 1,724, 15:26 Published in Canada Canada by Plugson

Greetings from the Ministry of Internal Affairs!

You may have been sent here by a message (PM) sent to you by one of the MIA Deputies. They are contacting players under 2-weeks old to send them some helpful advice and to find out what new players need (please leave a comment below or send me/Plugson a message if you have something to say)

In the article below, we've put together a set of Dos/Tips and Donts/Pitfalls that new players need to know about. As well, there are some helpful articles listed that provide more examples with pictures, too.

Featured Help: Doctor of Souls runs a "Ministry of Health" that provides free food for players. All you have to do is sign up and he'll supply you regularly, which is a great way to save money on food supplies so you can upgrade your facilities ~ click on this link to directly sign up:
MoH Sign-up Form

Or read about his program here:

1. Level 1-15 can get a maximum 100 HP daily.
2. Level 16-19 can get a maximum 200 HP daily.
3. Level 20-30 can get a maximum 500 HP daily.

Thank you for you stopping in and all the best learning the game!
Plugson, Minister of Internal Affairs

Top 5 Tips to Try:

-1) Save your Gold ~ upgrade wisely (training facility and food supply)

-2) Join a Military Unit and Political Party ~ ask questions, find mentors

-3) Upgrade the Free Training Facility ASAP ~ investing in strength has long-term benefits in earning Gold and Rank Points.

-4) Complete the Daily Order 'Barehanded' ~ Join a Military Unit & use “Food Fights” (fight with no weapon) to reach 25 Kills/per day to receive Bazooka and Energy bar bonuses

-5) Save your Bazooka and Energy Bars for a Battle Hero medal (Gold reward+fun)

Top 5 Pitfalls to Avoid:

-1) Do not spend your “easy Gold” on Health Packs, bazooka parts/boosters, energy bars. These waste money!

-2) Do not buy highest quality Food, it only benefits storage space ~ check to see which quality-level of Food is the best price by multiplying each Q-level by 2, then divide by the price.

-3) Avoid using weapons if you can ~ sell any you receive to fund your upgrades

-4) Try not to buy into “Special Offers” posted in the game ~ they are usually only good for rich Gold buyers. Wait for the 44% Discount on Training Facility and Company upgrades if you can (every 2-3 months).

-5) Do not be afraid to ask questions, “friend” people, make comments in articles and shouts, and join in on discussions ~ this is where the game really starts

--Complete the Missions but NEVER spend Gold to auto-finish them

--Invest early on in Raw Material Companies ~ sell the extra Raw Materials on the market to save for more upgrades/companies.

--Build food self-sufficiency, then Weapon self-sufficiency ~ (FYI: Every 2-3 months, there is a special 44% discount offered on company and training facility upgrades. Save your Gold for these upgrades if you can)

--If you want to build a new Food or Weapon Company before the 44% Discount is offered, be sure to look in the “Companies For Sale” area (under Market tab) for slightly cheaper companies.

--You will received Gold very easily early on in the game as you go up levels very quickly. Gold will become more difficult to receive later on. Save your “easy Gold” and invest it in training facilities or food production.

--Read these articles about establishing your citizen in the game:

Getting Started ~ Economy:


--Strength training is a great investment and is MUCH better than buying weapons:
A) You receive 5 Gold for every 250 points (Super Soldier medal)

B ) It is cumulative and necessary to become a stronger soldier to help your team

C) It will give you more rank points with each fight and make it
slightly easier to win a Battle Hero in your Division (low levels need less strength)

D) It pays for itself and offers long-term benefits
Read this article about Strength Training Facilities and the upgrades (note that some training facilities will REPAY THE GOLD INVESTED in it):

STRENGTH PRO-TIP 1: Upgrade your Free Training facility to Q3 ASAP, then the 0.19 Gold facility, then the 1.79 facility later on (only if you have a supply of Gold for investing in training!). The 1.49 Gold facility is the least efficient and should be upgraded the very last, if at all.

STRENGTH PRO-TIP 2: Keep 5 Gold in reserve so that you can always use 0.19 Gold Facility ~ it will cover some of its own costs when you receive the 5 Gold Super Soldier reward.

Having more Strength early on in lower Divisions (Div 1 & Div 2) may allow you to win Battle Hero medals that will bring in some extra Gold, too.

FIGHTING TIPS: Bazookas, Energy Bars, and Battle Heroes:
--Save your energy bars and bazooka parts until you have enough to try for a Battle Hero medal (top influence in a 1.5 hour mini-battle).

--Battle Hero medals give you a small Gold reward, so are worth a small investment in food and guns if necessary.

--1 Bazooka shot will give you 10,000 influence. 1 Bazooka has 3 shots = 30,000/Bazooka.

--Energy Bars will give you 100 Health or 10 hits. Use a combination of Bazookas and Energy Bars to reach top damage for the mini-battle in your Division.

--DO NOT assemble your bazooka parts until you want to attempt a Battle Hero reward.

--Bazookas must be used when assembled or you can use another weapon in its place if you wish to save your assembled bazooka.

--Do not buy Bazooka Boosters or Bazooka parts unless you have extra real-life money to spend. Boosters and parts are not a good use of in-game Gold.

--Read these articles about the Battle Module to learn how to enter a battle:
Battle Module:

If you have further questions or want to be sure you are progressing well, read these “walkthrough” articles that explain the first steps in the game:

First Days in eRep:

General Walkthroughs:

If you have questions about how to play the game or want some pointers on how to spend Gold or Fight, your best bet is to join an active MU (high-ranked) and post a question in the shout area. Also, be sure to register in the eCanada forums so that you have access to other discussions and programs:

Best of luck and please give eRepublik a good try ~ you'll find there is more to the game than first seems.


Plugson ~ Minister of Internal Affairs, August 2012



CryingLightning Day 1,724, 15:27

give him 5k or we will continue!

Gnilraps Day 1,724, 15:42

crap this is a good newspaper

Colifa7 Day 1,724, 16:08

Sub 983

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,724, 16:09

Click the report button on every PM and message until the Admins either ban you or them for spamming the admins.

Paying them would just encourage them to continue.

John Greywolf
John Greywolf Day 1,724, 16:10

good observation Plugson, keep reporting those who spam your inbox

weezo1 Day 1,724, 16:11

Wow funny plugson, cuz i was talking about that in the northen-exposure show today.
Your help is needed to keep our new players alive. x2


weezo1 Day 1,724, 16:12

oh and sub984 \o/

screamingslave Day 1,724, 16:12

i was just thinking the same thing as exalted.

This is a common RL strategy too. denial of service attack on sites that have shady standing to begin with (like online gambling) and blackmail to stop. (for 50k or more USD)

dont wear out your report button! 🙁

Geologik Day 1,724, 16:24

from what I understand killer2001 does not run the article vote buying business but acts as somewhat of an affiliate for them, earning a commission. Your right maybe this is expansion of the cartel.

killer2001 Day 1,724, 16:25

Comment deleted

killer2001 Day 1,724, 16:34

Comment deleted

killer2001 Day 1,724, 16:40

Comment deleted

Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Day 1,724, 16:45

I'm going to help in this crusade until I at least get an honorable mention on that list of enemies of the state.

Vrykolaus Drauvik
Vrykolaus Drauvik Day 1,724, 16:47

Voted as usual. Is there any rules about spamming someone's inbox?

Rona1d Day 1,724, 17:03

Canada oh Canada you will be part of the union, soon or later.

Christopher Edwards II
Christopher Edwards II Day 1,724, 17:06

For Enemy of the State, don't forget the latest USA Battle Hero in Ontario, Speedcat McNasty.

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,724, 17:07

Spamming is defiantly not a game feature. Spamming is one of the drop down categories when you report a post, so it appears to be against the rules. Certainly does not add to anyone's enjoyment of the game.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,724, 17:08


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,724, 17:09


Milan Milankovic
Milan Milankovic Day 1,724, 17:25

select all - delete

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,724, 17:51

Read them. Maybe they will make a new rule just for you Killer.

No blackspamming allowed!

killer2001 Day 1,724, 17:54

it's great to have loyal friends

Dr. James McCrimmon
Dr. James McCrimmon Day 1,724, 17:59


Plugson Day 1,724, 18:20

Wait...we're onto something here..the secret to the holy grail of eCanada's babyboom.
1) Spam new players with Internal Affairs PMs: "Tips of Noobs"
2) Spam new players in every country across the New World with "Tips for Noobs"
3) Spam the entire internet with "Tips for Noobs"
4) Sit back to enjoy referral link profit & watch the new eCanada Empire on the rise

But other suggestions are still welcome.

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,724, 19:11

We need to start a black spam support group.

Are you or someone you love being black spammed? Join Black Spammed Anonymous today. Stop the circle of black spam abuse today. For 6,000 CAD our professional black spam negotiators will meet with your "friend" Killer and stop the abuse.

Additional professional fees may apply, No warranties given

Genyng Kislev
Genyng Kislev Day 1,724, 19:35

leave it to plugson to think up an in-between idea when facing spam and a babyboom issue : )

Tokerr Day 1,724, 19:54

wow thats so dirty, Killer2001 your a tool.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,724, 20:29

killer2001 pays well

trust me, I know this because I'm a terrorist

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,724, 20:34

ok, I'm no terrorist, I just have d(addy) issues

Etemenanki Day 1,724, 20:47

If it means giving the finger to another one of this countries thugs, I gladly welcome a PM wave. Unfriending him now.

bigcdizzle Day 1,724, 22:16

sweet I made a list.

Chutley Day 1,724, 22:17


Zianni Vaatez
Zianni Vaatez Day 1,725, 01:30

I kind of liked Rigour6

Chochi Day 1,725, 02:16

I was wondering what was up when I saw that pic yesterday. Before even being thoroughly confused by the message itself, I was thinking, "Wow! Plugson's gotten really popular with 47 PMs."

Advice for your advice for noobs: trim it down. Resources are great but you don't want to give them that long a reading list when they first sign up.

@killer2001: Did you miss the part of the rules where it says "but are not limited to". You might find yourself in trouble soon.

Wilhem Klink
Wilhem Klink Day 1,725, 04:09

Looks like killer2001 is temp-banned so you get a reprieve.

On another note, give me 5000CAD and I won't repeat this message.

Chochi Day 1,725, 05:18

What a shocking turn of events, Wilhelm! Who would have guessed that the Admins might consider that spam even if it wasn't written clearly as such in the rules? At the risk of getting forfeit points, dare I say that the Admins got it right when it came to common sense for once?

And I guess Plugson paid up if you only wrote that message once. : )

Plugson Day 1,725, 05:35

Zianni, don't worry. Your feelings can remain intact ~ I added Rigour6 to see if people would verify the list with the googledoc. Niether he nor really any EPC folks voted for eCanada (well, just one did).

killer2001 gave me a fun reason to write an article and may have helped get the MIA baby-saving mission rolling. No hard feelings on my part ~ hope things cool down after the tempban.

Plugson Day 1,725, 05:39

The funny thing is that I never reported Nicholas Boyce because his message was rather funny, but I did report several others that spammed harder. However, only Nicholas and killer got the banhammer. Maybe the others buy gold.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,725, 10:32

Once I made fun of temujinBC for buying gold so he came to my house, beat me up, and used my credit card to get me into the loyalty program

JoeyJoJo Shabbadoo
JoeyJoJo Shabbadoo Day 1,725, 11:05

maybe spinning all of those tips and guides into a simple "walkthru"?

Anyway, I definitely think noobs should not be wasting their cash on high quality weapons since for the most part, the cash can be reinvested in their own companies.

This is the trick for most RPG/RTS games - try to invest in resources that produce a greater yield for the same effort (first invest in companies, then invest in training and so on). Then look at marginal returns on those investments.

JoeyJoJo Shabbadoo
JoeyJoJo Shabbadoo Day 1,725, 11:07

as per above - look at marginal cost of things. If you have 20 gold to invest see where it will provide the most gain - is it another company or is it an upgraded training facility. I found that having more companies results in more goods in your inventory which can be sold (or consumed) and invested into gold. Save that gold from medals too.

JoeyJoJo Shabbadoo
JoeyJoJo Shabbadoo Day 1,725, 11:21

BTW - havent you reported these guys to the admins?

Anotherlamedrunk Day 1,725, 12:24

Reporting does nothing because it doesn't count as abusive behavior to the admins in third world Romania.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,725, 15:48

Editing an existing article to get it on the front page, Plugson? don't you know people BUY votes for articles these days...sheesh

Plugson Day 1,725, 16:08

Considering that killer's blackspam scam had it's 24-hours of fame and he's now tempbanned, it seemed better to focus on the positive part of the article that was in the original.

GonzoVeritas Day 1,725, 16:27

Sub 992, V 67

Josh Scriven
Josh Scriven Day 1,725, 17:17

just should point out the .19g training will not pay for itself even fully upgraded it will cost 6.46 gold to reach the 250 mark (in 34 days).

Which isn't a bad deal (1.46 gold for 250 strength)

Q1 it will cost 19 gold
Q2 it will cost 9.5 gold
Q3 it will cost 6.46 gold for the super soldier medal.

Moehabd Day 1,725, 17:30

Way to long. A lot of it is good but not as necessary for the very beginning. If I were you I'd shorten down to the bare bones, with just the quick advice about not spending your gold, something about the health building, and food fights. Even better, make them the nice points like you did with the top 5 tips. Then I would include a link to this article incase they would like to read more. Also for mentors, make sure ot send them to the mentorship program by Homer J Simpson, and for health, MoH.

Plugson Day 1,725, 19:21

Moehabd, definitely the PM is much, much shorter. And as you correctly said, it would have a link to the MoHealth, the Mentor Program, and an MIA article like this one, as well as the Top 5 Tips if it is not too much to handle.

Might not include the BH tips ~ that is a bit more advanced than necessary, but then with Division 1, a new player could invest heavily in Strength, save bazooka+bars, then claim many BHs before going Div 2.


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