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Hey guys,

To begin with, I wanted to thank all of you, the eRep community, for the massive support, I got, for the first Guide of the series - The Complete Aircraft Mode guide, in terms of votes, comments, subscribes, shares and endorsements.

The amazing Clorofila even gifted me a War Stash!


The Guide was also translated into Bulgarian, Russian (pt. 1 & pt.2) and Spanish. I want to congratulate MartinnSM, Mielga and EIIe LawIiet for their amazing work on the translations.

Since I am late (as always) I will rush a guide I promised a friend to publish first and asap:

Fighting Strategies Guide - How to fight. When to Fight. The eSoldier's fighting manual


- Complete Aircraft Mode Guide - The mode explained, tools, relevant packs, medal hunting strategies for the pilots.

Coming soon (lmao)

- Ground based fighting Mode Guide - The mode explained, tools, relevant packs, medal hunting strategies for the tanks.

- General Utility Guide - Residences, Housing, Travelling, Weekly challenge utilization and Epics.

- eRepublik Wars Guide - different types of wars, alliances, military campaigns.

Helping me set the mood, again, will be Albert E=MC'stein, shown here playing with string theory, using only 6 "dimensions" ... genius.

As with the previous guide I will divide this one into logical segments:

- Types of eSoldiers and armies.
- The anatomy of a battle round.
- How to fight in a real war scenario?
- When to fight in a real war scenario?

I am stressing on real wars, cause those are the campaigns that are fun and actually eMatter. The training wars are for farming and with some minor deviations are developing according to a plan, agreed upon by both sides involved.

As in real life, in order to be successful every commander needs to know his resources best and his most valuable resource is his(her) soldiers.


I, personally, distinguish a few types of soldiers


This is a vastly varying group, involving most of the players in eRepublik. They can be old or new accounts, high or low strength, flying, fighting or in most of the old accounts cases developing as hybrids.

What that varying group of players have in common is that they don't spend money for the game and don't have the sufficient infrastructure to regularly buy packs. That means these players either fight with no packs or buy pack with cc only occasionally. For example when there's an Event coming up.

Since those players do not use packs they don't have the ability to effectively compete with the spenders/pack users for medals, therefore they don't get BH/CH/SH medals regularly, only occasionally. They usually focus on scoring Freedom Fighter/Mercenary/Resistance hero medals when fighting in between real wars.

Also their stocks of Energy bars are somewhat limited, especially in the case of the newer accounts.


They are high strength, high military rank, vast hoard of resources kind of players. They run packs most of the time, cause even if they are not real life money spenders they have the infrastructure or the firepower to purchase packs with virtual currency.

In most cases they are ground fighters, utilizing their high strength and Legendary rank. In some cases they play as a Ground/Air hybrids and some focus primarily on the Air rounds.

Since they run packs regularly they can farm Energy bars from the weekly challenge and they can also farm enough gold, in between real wars, so that they can purchase a lot of Energy bars during EB promos (remember those?)


This is a subgroup of the Top Hitters. In most cases they are ground fighters and in some cases they are Ground/Air hybrids. The Maverick pack players are the most versatile group of Top Hitters, when in comes to real war.

But what is the Maverick pack and why is it so popular

I know some players hate even hearing about it, but it exists and I don't see it going away anytime soon, so we might as well discuss it.

The most important part of the Maverick pack (MP) is the Division Switcher enhancement. It allows you to fight in any ground division, different from your natural division.

IMPORTANT: When fighting in division different from your natural division you will obey different laws of ePhysics:

- Assume new max hit you will

When fighting in an unlocked Division your usual dmg/hit will be replaced by a capped max hit - that's the highest hit done in this round, by a player that naturally belongs in that Division.

Example: If you're D4 player, hitting in D3 your hit will be replaced by the max hit done by the top hitting natural D3 player, that has made even a single hit in that round for your side.

BUT your capped max hit cannot be lower than 10 000.

Example: if that same top natural hit in D3 accounts for say 6 000, your capped max hit in D3 will be 10 000.

- Abandon all SMALL BOMBS ye who switch divisions:

The small bombs grant different amount of damage per bomb, depending on the division of the player receiving them.

You can only use small bombs in your natural division.

Example: If you're a D4 player - you cannot bring your small bombs worth 1.5 mln damage each and bomb the shit out of D1.

BUT on the bright side you can do so with the Big Bombs that give you flat 5 mln damage.

So cheer up, no? Does anyone remember how many D1 BHs did Weekstrom get with Big Bombs in D1, during the different terrains event? (lmao)

- Your Legendary rank bonus, your Elite Citizen bonus and damage boosters will apply when switching Divisions (provided you have them).

So to recap:

The Mavericks are extremely versatile and important for the real war scenario, as they can hop and dominate different divisions, BUT they are dependent on the next type of soldiers - The Infantry Kitters , cause a Maverick player hopping divisions is as strong as the capped max hit (s)he will get!


Again, those are Top Hitters and are only ground based. They never (or extremely rarely) fight in the air.
Those players are natural low division players, but usually have insane strength numbers, compared to the regular players in those lower divisions.

Some Examples: D1, D2, D3

Those players are able to stay in lower divisions and still fight a lot and be relevant on the battlefield, by using the Infantry Kit pack.

Other than the +600 Energy center and the rest of the goodies, the most relevant part of that pack is the Experience inhibitor enhancement.

It basically does not allow you to get experience points, while fighting with weapons (any weapons - even Q1).

Important: Bazookas and Stingers (the aircrafte version of the bazookas) do not count as weapons - using them will reward you with experience points.
Also - working as a manager or employee (including overtime) and training will reward you with experience points.

Since, using the Maverick pack some D4 players often steal the low Division IK players' Battle Hero medals (their main source of income), some of them do not buy IK packs - they only train and sell hits - a D4 tank for example pays them X amount of cc so they can deliver a strong hit in that division.

In a real war scenario the strength of an eNation in low divisions is measured by the strong natural hits (usually IK players) they have or can hire in combination with the amount of Legendary rank Mavericks they have.


This is the last group of soldiers I distinguish.

They dedicate most or all their hits to the air rounds. They are equipped with packs and spending a lot of energy bars to quickly advance their air rank and farm as much Sky Hero medals as possible.

Some of those players are dedicated Sky Hero medal hunters - they usually do not interfere in real war conflicts, and only do so if there's high enough Combat order placed.

Others are tanking heavily for their country and allies in the case of a real war.

So to Recap that section:

Every eNation is an unique mixture of the Soldiers' groups described above. It is of eVital importance for the Commander/Leader to know his/her Nation's specific mixture, their specific needs, strengths and weaknesses and deploy each of the groups in the right time, during a campaign.

Every type of military campaign, no matter if it is a direct attack on a region, an air strike or a resistance war consists of a series of rounds, with every round lasting up to 2 astronomical hours.

Every round grants the winning side a specific number of Campaign Points.
The side that reaches 94 Campaign Points first wins the Campaign.

There are two types of Rounds - Ground based rounds and air round. Every campaign starts with a ground based round. Every 4th Round in a campaign is an air round.

The ground rounds and the air rounds grant the winning side a different amount of campaign points. So let's zoom in on the two rounds types.


Depending on their experience level every player is placed in 1 of 4 ground Divisions, so in unison with that the Ground based rounds are divided into 4 Divisions. When fighting on the ground a player is only allowed to fight in his/her natural division, with the only exception being the players who have an active Maverick pack.

Let's explore the anatomy of a ground round

1. Shows the current amount of Campaign Points that have been won by this side.

2. That bar shows how many Campaign points have been won by this side in the different divisions (I-IV), Including the Air rounds (the Airplane icon).

3. Shows the Allies (Countries with whom that side has an active Mutual Protection Pact (MPP). The Flags in color represent the countries, that have been deployed for that round (their players don't need to travel to fight for that side) and the ones in black and white represent the countries that have not been deployed for that round (their players need to travel in order to fight for that side).

In the case of a Resistance war (an occupied country is trying to liberate a region) - the MPPs do not apply, so section 3. on that pic will not be present.

4. Represents the current distribution of Wall Domination and Domination points in the different Divisions of the current round.

BUT BUT BUT ... Wait a min. What is Domination Wall and what is Domination points?

The Domination wall is that Blue/Red bar you see on top of your screen when you enter the battlefield and the funny part about it is that

Any amount of damage dumped on either side affects the wall during the duration of a round.

There's a Domination wall for every one of the 4 Divisions. The Blue/Red one on top of your screen represents the wall of your natural Division. You can check the other ones using the "Current Battle Zone" menu and hovering over each Division.

Having the wall in your favor (>50😵 a.k.a. dealing more damage than the other side grants you Domination points. The first side who wins 1800 Domination points in a round and in a Division wins that Division for that round and is granted a specific amount of Campaign points.

In order to win a round and a division it is important not only to have the wall in your side's favor, but WHEN will you have the wall in your side's favor, cause dominating the wall during different time periods of the round grants your side different amount of Domination points per minute, as shown below.

As you see if a side dominates the wall from the beginning the round will end at the 90 mins mark.

But if the round is contested it can be prolonged for up to 2 hours with the winner being the side that reaches 1800 DP first or the side with more DP points at the 2 hours mark.

Again every division has its separate wall and Domination points distribution, so for example Division 2 may end at the 90 mins mark, but Division 3 can be contested and end at the 2 hours mark.

THE ROUND ENDS WHEN ALL DIVISIONS END (Have been won by one of the sides).

Winning a Division in a particular round, grants your side different amount of Campaign Points:

Division 1 = 1 CP
Division 2 = 2 CP
Division 3 = 3 CP
Division 4 = 5 CP

So, in total a ground round can account for 11 Campaign points? Right?


Enter ... the tiny bar, that the top tanks ADORE and the regular fighters often neglect.

This is the Epic bar. As with everything it is individual for every Division and every round.

Every round/division starts as a "Cold war". Every bit of damage, dumped on either side "Excites" the Epic bar, so to speak, and it starts to fill from 0% at the start of the round to 100% when/if it reaches EPIC status.

Every division have a specific damage threshold, beyond which the division of that round goes EPIC and stays epic till the end of the round.

If a Division of that round reaches 100% epic it gives some additional benefits:

- It grants every player hitting in that division 2x Prestige points per hit from the point the round goes epic till the division is won by one of the sides.

- It grants the Battle heroes (on both sides) of that division double gold reward for their medals

- MOST IMPORTANTLY - it a division goes full epic it doubles the Campaign Points reward for that division for the winning side.

So theoretically speaking if all 4 divisions go full (100😵 epic the Campaign points rewarded for that round will be 22.

In the middle of that epic bar you see "Full scale". A division of a round reaches Full scale status when 50% of the Full Epic damage threshold is reached.

The full scale round can turn into FULL SCALE ("FAKE") EPIC if the wall is kept within 49.5% - 50.5% If one of the sides pushes more than that the full scale is lost. If the Wall is restored into that same percentage boundaries the Full scale epic ignites again and so on and so on. A full scale Epic will not necessarily reach Full 100% epic, but in most cases it does. Once it does, it stays epic till the division is won, without being affected by the wall percentages.

A full scale (fake) epic will grant the players who are hitting while it lasts 2x Prestige points, but if the division never reaches Full 100% epic it won't grant the 2x BH Gold reward and the 2x Campaign points.


As I mentioned above every 4th round of a campaign is an air round.

Similar to the ground rounds, the air rounds have the Domination wall and domination points, rewarded in the same way, and in the same amount of Domination points in the different time periods of the round.
The Air rounds are too won at 1800 Domination points and can last for up to 2 hours, if contested.

BUT, there are some features of the air rounds that make them different:

- There are no Divisions in the air rounds - pilots of different experience levels are flying side by side or against each other in the skies;

- Every single air round grants the winning side 22 campaign points;

- Usually there are no epics in the air rounds. The Air epics are rare and usually happen during particular events, that allow the minuscule amount of air damage/round compared to the ground based rounds to be enough for reaching the epic threshold.

Some real war end up as a single campaign, others can last for weeks and more. But in any case fighting in a real war will mean that you will be spending resources faster than you can restore them, at least at some point of the War.

So this section is more about how to fight effectively and utilize your resources, so that you can be relevant and help your side for a longer period of time.

I will shortly describe some of the features that will help you.


Your food fights (the energy you can restore, using food units) are the cheapest way for you to deliver some X amount of damage. The max amount of energy you have as an energy pool can be modified, but no matter how much that is it is irrelevant if you don't have it charged for the proper round and campaign, cause in order to fight effectively you will need to focus that damage at the right time.

Think of it that way - for every 100 food fights energy you have available, you are saving 1 Single Energy bar.

So you can save from 10-12 Energy bars in the case of the newer accounts to 95 energy bars in the case of the fully packed top tanks, by having your full food fights for the right time.

So whenever there's a real war and you are aware that there will be an important campaign soon - save your food fights.


At some point, during a real war, your food fights won't be enough and you will have to use Energy bars, especially if you are a pilot.

In the case of the top hitters that may not be a problem, cause they usually have a big EB pile in their storages.

In the case of the regular fighters, that have limited Energy bar stashes and limited ways for restoring those stashes it is important to conserve your energy bars only for the most important campaigns and rounds.

Regularly check with your MU or MoD leaders for such campaign and proper orders.

Try to gain as much energy bars as possible in between real wars, so you can be prepared to fight in the real war.


- Utilize your Legendary rank

The Legendary rank gives you some sweet bonus damage while fighting for the eCountry you have unlocked your Legendary rank for. That bonus damage varies from 10% at Legend I to 200% at Legend XX.

So if you have a legendary rank try to use it as often as possible -> fight for your country as much as possible. Having a sufficiently high legendary rank will allow you to tank for your country with less resources (EBs and Tanks) used.

- Utilize the True Patriot (TP) medals

After your 16th True Patriot medal you get one every time you deal 100 mln dmg for your citizenship country. Every TP medal rewards you with 1000 currency, so you get 1000 cc for every 100 mln dmg you deal for your country.

The TP works perfectly well with the Legendary rank's bonus damage, cause both require fighting for your country. So any kind you damage boost you can use - Elite bonus, Legendary rank, damage boosters will allow you to reduce your fighting costs by profiting more from the TP medals.

- Use damage boosters

This really is a no brainer. But for the sake of argument - the more damage you deal per hit, the less hits you will require to meet your certain damage goals and naturally you will use less resources - Energy bars, tanks, etc.

The 100% boosters are rare for most players, cause there haven't been any events lately, but you can store a lot of 50% ones from the weekly challenge and packs. So in a real war case scenario, try to at least use a 50% damage booster when you fight.

You also get a permanent 10% bonus damage if you are above level 101 from your elite citizen status. It applies in all types of battles and rounds and even affects your bazooka/stinger damage.

You can also get a 10% bonus damage when fighting for your country in a direct battles vs the country that was declared as a Natural enemy by your citizenship country.

- Using Weapons

Again - a no brainer, but if you are a ground fighter and in the case of real war you want to use the top quality weapons to make the most damage/hit. Some countries have programs for supplying their fighters with tanks, at least partially. So use those if you're running low on tanks.


I have already published an in depth guide about the avio mode, with ways to be effective, make the most of your hits and increase your damage. So if you're a pilot please check it - The Complete aircraft mode guide.

The when to fight question always comes with a where question and the first and most important step towards understanding when and where to fight, especially for a newer or inexperienced player, is to engage with the community you are part of.

Try to communicate with the eRep players, cause that is the most rewarding part of the game, even if you don't care about fighting. Join the communication platforms your eNation uses - Discord, Telegram, Whatsapp.

In the case of real wars - those platforms are usually where your country coordinate their fights and you will be able to receive real time orders of where and when to fight.


Let's say you have no access to the meta communication platforms.

I will try to set a few pointers so that you can decide for yourself where and when to hit

1. Check the National feed and your MU daily orders

If your Military Unit is active it will most likely have the priority campaign set as a Daily order. Your eGov officials and military leaders often shout the priority campaign(s) on the national feed.

2. Check the priority campaign

You can easily access the battlefield via the "Battlefield" button on your MU daily order.

The first thing you need to do is check the "Current battle zone" menu

Check the Campaign points on both sides. If one of the sides have a massive advantage in terms of Campaign points then the campaign is probably not going to be contested anymore, so there's no point for you to hit there.

If the sides are close on Campaign points or the difference is not too big then the campaign can still be contested and your side may need your help.

3. Depending on what type of soldier you are (from the categories in the beginning) you need to:

- for the Regular fighters - check the situation in your natural division

- for the Mavericks - check the situation in all 4 divisions and see if your country is making a stand in another division.

- for the pilots - if it's not already an air round, check for upcoming ones and whether there will be another one in this campaign. Even if you are not a ground fighter you can still help your country on the ground with bombs, so check your natural division too.

4. Check the wall and the timer

You have focused on your preferred round and division. Now you need to check the timer and the distribution of domination points.

Let me remind you

The top hitters usually have large Energy bar stocks and if determined enough they can hit throughout the round and sometimes the whole campaign. They are the ones that are carrying the heavy weight.

But the regular fighters' resources are usually limited and most often they rely on food fights with the occasional usage of some energy bars. So you want to make the most of the limited amount of fights you have in order to effectively back up the top hitters.

Your damage output might seem like not a big deal, compared to a top hitter, but every bit counts, especially multiplied a few times, having players hitting even only their food fights at the right time.

Think of it this way:

your eNation is spending resources (CO money, Energy bars, tanks, etc.) to buy itself domination and eventually campaign points.

0 - 30 min into the round - your eNation spends X amount for 10 pts per min

30 - 60 min - X amount for 20 points per min

60 - 90 min - X amount for 30 points per min

90 - 120 min - X amount for 60 points per min

Now there's no universal formula - it really depends on the round and the opposing countries. That's why the good commanders often adjust the strategy in real time, depending on how the campaign progresses.

But in general. If you only have your food fights and a handful of energy bars you want to gain the highest value in terms of domination points for your hits, no matter how insignificant they seem.


If that's your prio campaign, no matter on which side you are fighting for - SAVE YOUR HITS

1660 to 50 is a round won by the Turkish side in that case in like 99.9% of the cases especially given the fact the round is closing its 60 points per min phase. If the Russian side wants to win that they will need to spend crazy amount of resources to do so and still their success won't be certain, cause the Turkish side will only need to have the wall in its favor for 3 mins.

If possible:

- keep an eye on the round and check if there will be any action before it ends.
- keep your hits for the next round;

In the case of the pilots:

There will not be a next round for you for another 4.5 to 6 hours or if it's the ending rounds of a campaign there might not be another air round at all.

So in the first case you can hit just enough so you can have your food fights full after 4.5-6 hrs or if that's the last round - better hit enough to complete your Daily order or use your food fights to score another goal - Sky Hero medal somewhere, Freedom fighter stack ... something, that will be different from dumping my fights in the already won/lost campaign for no apparent reason.

Example 2:

(again it's a training war case, but just for the sake of argument)

You enter the battlefield at that point or an earlier one. If you are on the Bulgarian side you see you have a clear advantage so you don't want to dump your food fights to waste. If you are on the Finland side your reasoning should be similar, but only your country is at major disadvantage.

In both cases you don't know is the Finn side will try to contest the round cause it is still far from over.

So the best thing you can do is wait (if possible). Wait to see if there will be any action and hit when the action starts, cause you are already in the 30 points per min phase of the round.

The same applies for the air rounds.

So, to recap this last section

- Try to get some real time orders and check the approved BATTLE PLAN on the national communication platforms.

- Fight smart - give yourself a min to analyze the battlefield and decide, depending on what type of soldier you are, when and where to hit.

- It's all about resources and effectively using them - it's not greed. If you burn all or most of your resources, by fighting at the wrong time or place you won't be able to help your country during the war. Think about WHEN and WHERE to fight and how to utilize your resources in the best way.

I hope some of you were patient and stubborn enough to read it all.

And I really hope this may turn out to be helpful for some players.

If you consider this guide useful, please - vote and SHARE it, so that more players can see it.

And as always I would appreciate your feedback in the comments section below.