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[DoE] Library of Links - Reprint

Day 2,031, 22:46 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Hello everyone. This article by the Department of Education aims to provide a library of sorts of links that can be helpful for new players in eUSA and to some extent, internationally too. We hope that you find it useful. Also, if players have any topic that they'd like the Department of Education to cover, please mention it in the comments section and we in the DoE will cover it as soon as possible in our next articles.

Miscellaneous Links
Official eRepublik Wiki
American University Application
Department of Education Wiki Page
Guide to: Congress [DoE]
Guide to: Media Module
Guide to: Political Module
Guide to: Economic Module
Guide to: War Module
Guide to: eRepublik Acronyms
Guide to: Gold
Guide to: Training Centers
Guide to: Guerrilla Warfare
Guide to: Understanding Bonuses
Guide to: Food Factories
Guide to: All about Weapons
Guide to: Shortcuts

Social Related Links
Guide to: Mibbit IRC [DoE]
Download Link for IceChat 9 [IRC Client
Guide to: IceChat 9 [IRC Client]
Download Link for mIRC
guide To: mIRC [Beginner's IRC Client
eUnited States Forum
eUS Facebook page

Welfare Related
Meals on Wheels [D1 only|Levels 1-25]
Tank Up 2 Rank Up! [D2 Only|Levels 25-29]
Feed The World
A Helping Hand
Brains For Zombies

News/Financial Related
DoE Newspaper
White House Press Release
DoI Newspaper
DoD Newspaper
Congress Newspaper
Yesterday's News

eRepublik Tools
eRepublik Calculator/Tools
eRepublik Profit Tool

Military Units
Air Force
Cannon Cockers
Easy Company
Flight Training
Rogue Squandron
Seal Team 6
The Special Forces
VMA-214 The Black Sheep

Political Parties
American Military Party
Federalist Party
United States Workers Party
We The People

PTO Information
Why say no to RGR?
The American Freedom Alliance Party
Willful Ignorance
Guide to PTO and ATO

Government Links
eUnited States Constitution
IES Application


Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,031, 22:56

First reserved for the education of the masses!

The Original Fawkie
The Original Fawkie Day 2,031, 22:57

I sideways double ice cream cone you!

Othere Day 2,031, 22:57

Shhhhhhhh! No talking... this is a library (of links)!

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 2,031, 23:43

The most noble title any child can have is THIRD.

biaxident Day 2,032, 01:43


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