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[DoE] Library of Informative Links

Day 1,960, 05:35 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Hello everyone! DoE here to help you find all you need to find as efficiently as possible. So this is the article OF all articles. Stuffed full with links and basic info to help you find what you need with a single bookmark. We’ll cover a few topics, and this will be added to on a regular basis. YAY!

Miscellaneous Links
Official eRepublik Wiki
American University Application
Department of Education Wiki Page
Guide to: Congress [DoE]
Guide to: Media Module
Guide to: Political Module
Guide to: Economic Module
Guide to: War Module
Guide to: eRepublik Acronyms
Guide to: Gold
Guide to: Training Centers
Guide to: Guerrilla Warfare
Guide to: Understanding Bonuses
Guide to: Food Factories
Guide to: All about Weapons

Social Related Links
Guide to: Mibbit IRC [DoE]
Download Link for IceChat 9 [IRC Client
Guide to: IceChat 9 [IRC Client]
Download Link for mIRC
guide To: mIRC [Beginner's IRC Client
eUnited States Forum
eUS Facebook page

Welfare Related
Meals on Wheels [D1 only|Levels 1-25]
Tank Up 2 Rank Up! [D2 Only|Levels 25-29]
Feed The World
A Helping Hand
Brains For Zombies

News/Financial Related
DoE Newspaper
White House Press Release
DoI Newspaper
DoD Newspaper
Congress Newspaper
Yesterday's News

eRepublik Tools
eRepublik Calculator/Tools
eRepublik Profit Tool

Military Units
Air Force
Cannon Cockers
Easy Company
Flight Training
Rogue Squandron
Seal Team 6
The Special Forces
VMA-214 The Black Sheep

Political Parties
American Military Party
Federalist Party
United States Workers Party
Vox Populi
We The People

PTO Information
Why say no to RGR?
The American Freedom Alliance Party
Willful Ignorance

Government Links
eUnited States Constitution
IES Application


Tiacha Day 1,960, 05:39

Bookmarked. Please include links to training MUs. :3

MazzyCat Day 1,960, 05:55

In the works - I'd like articles on them as well. 🙂

Venerable Day 1,960, 05:50

Not made by an American, but this could be beneficial:

MazzyCat Day 1,960, 05:56

That is a nice article Venerable. 🙂 Don't suppose you'll allow me to 'borrow' your work to republish in the eUS with you receiving credit?

Venerable Day 1,960, 05:57

If you'd like. 😛

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,960, 08:38

BOO, Don't give him credit, this is Murrica, he retroactively copied you!

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,960, 19:27

Oh stop.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,960, 06:15

Great Article, Mazzy...!

Kodos Day 1,960, 08:07

WOO! Great job, DoE!

Strength and Honour

Daniel Day Lewis
Daniel Day Lewis Day 1,960, 09:11


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,960, 09:52

Good job DoE

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,960, 09:53

Would have been nice if Flight Training was added

MazzyCat Day 1,960, 09:59

It's actually in the plans. I just want the articles first.

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 1,960, 10:59

Good work!

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,960, 12:29

cross-linked in today's WHPR

Gnilraps Day 1,960, 12:31

friggin awesome

xy2set Day 1,960, 13:36

❤ ❤ ❤ ... so much love

Deepchill Day 1,960, 18:00

Just great, EZC update coming soon.

MazzyCat Day 1,960, 18:17

Yay! Thank y'all 😃

fingerguns Day 1,960, 18:24


HeapSeppo Day 1,960, 18:39

A lot of links, anyhow, I think it's quite wrong of the government to add links to just a small fraction of the parties and label them as the popular ones. Other than that, good and helpful links.

fingerguns Day 1,960, 18:42

I agree...having Vox listed there makes no sense.

SColbert Day 1,960, 19:27


MazzyCat Day 1,960, 18:55

The government picked the more populated parties. With the addition of another party that the DoE had done an issue on. Please don't make an issue out of this. There are over 50 parties in the eUS. Would you have all listed and overwhelm the newer players?

HeapSeppo Day 1,960, 18:57

I would have none of them listed. Now you quite clearly favor a few parties which is not what the DoE should do. You're supposed to educate our newbies not influence how they move politically which you do by pointing out a few parties.

MazzyCat Day 1,960, 19:25

You know nothing. You want to debate this that's fine, but not here. Do not confuse new players for your own use.

HeapSeppo Day 1,960, 19:48

So you think it's the DoEs job to influence the political decisions of newbies? You didn't just link the 4 top parties that the government consider none-PTO parties, you linked Vox as well. Last time I checked they are ranked 12 so quite obviously not one of the most populated parties yet it's there.

You either link all parties or link none and inform them how the political module works, not influence their direction the way you want it to be, this is the work of an extremely bad and biased education department.

MazzyCat Day 1,960, 20:29

IF you had bothered to do research - you would find that the previous SoE did the articles. Not I. I simply linked them. And IF you had bothered to not nitpick you would see that the article is not complete. Now - That said. I am willing to bet that VOX was more than shocked to see their name there considering a few things. They actually are the ones to ask if they think I let my personal opinions or feelings into this.

I am limited on time and have put HOURS into this work. I am doing the best I can. If it is not good for you OR ANYBODY else. Try volunteering instead of being yet another troll lingering about ready to tear someone time for what they do trying to help.

HeapSeppo Day 1,960, 20:39

I never said that it was you who wrote them, I simply stated that it's wrong to list a small fraction of the parties on a list of "popular parties".

I am sure that you're doing the best you can, I simply gave you critique, or is that not allowed on here and makes someone a troll? I am quite certain that I do not linger around trying to shred people to pieces, but when I do see something wrong I will quite obviously point it out.

And if you do intend to cover all parties you could simply type their names out and link to the article later, it's just confusing that you first ask if all parties should be linked which would "overwhelm the newbies" and then later jump at me on basis that the article is not completed. So how is it, all of them will be added or not?

Cubby Day 1,961, 05:19

I can tell you are doing the best you can. That's all people can ask of you. Embrace your limitations!

MazzyCat Day 1,960, 20:44

It is not complete - It will never be complete. I have MU's that I have not listed. I have parties that I have not listed. Does that mean I will list all? No. It means that the articles need to be written.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,961, 07:05

Let's point out a few things in here, shall we?

1. You are from a political party that just got born, if you are so upset with the fact the DoE did not list all parties, perhaps you should give DoE the information they need instead of coming here and do vain critique. It seems to me you are upset only because your party isn't listed there rather than the reasons you're pointing out. I actually wonder if you aren't doing this just for your own personal interest.... I wonder if you would make this such a discussion if your party was actually listed there....

2. You want to cooperate with other parties? Start by not taking the fact the DoE did not post your party on the list too personally. You want to see your party on the list, give the DoE the information they need. Plain and simple.

3. You want to overwhelm the new players with 50 parties in an article? Does not seem right to me, new players need to have an example on how the party politics work, would you deny that knowledge to new players because of this? Again, I don't think it's a good policy.

You want your party to be respected? Start be respecting other people as well, specially people who give their best to grab the needed information to the new players.

Best regards and don't take this personally, it's just me opinion.

HeapSeppo Day 1,961, 07:09

You're quite wrong, I do not want my party on that list, that's one of the least things I would want. If my party was on that list I would ask to have it removed.

I don't believe that the government should publish a list of political parties, unless it's all of the parties. Such a list would indeed be very confusing due to the nature that everyone can create parties in this game so I would rather see no list but information of how to get a better understanding of the political module and how to get information about parties.

What good came out from this is that now the term "popular" was removed, before it stated that these 5 parties were the popular parties of the eUS.

So no, all I want is for the newbies to not be influenced on an early stage of their gaming experience of where to go politically.

jmurrib21 Day 1,960, 19:09

Good job. voted.

SColbert Day 1,960, 19:27

Why didn't you put all the political parties?

MazzyCat Day 1,960, 22:05

An entire multitude of reasons. The number one being I wanted to go ahead and the the article out so people could use it. And since the other parties do not have articles - Well there ya go.

Anyone wishing to do some writing?

Yanisin Day 1,960, 22:52

So Parties with published articles will be added? That's good, I'm looking forward to the extended list 🙂

MazzyCat Day 1,960, 22:55

@Greyfool - I am not saying that all parties will be listed. I am not saying I have time to write 45+ more articles.

Also - I find it amusing that the people complaining are only upset about the party..not the MU's.

HeapSeppo Day 1,961, 01:36

The mechanics for MUs and political parties are completely different. In the political module you need numbers to drive your politics through, without enough members you will not get congress, this is not an issue with MUs as you can always do anything you want there.

Shoi12 Day 1,960, 20:50


Arrden Day 1,960, 21:26


Synesi Day 1,960, 22:45


Cody Caine
Cody Caine Day 1,960, 22:50

I do love me some MazzyCat

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 1,960, 23:59

you forgot that WTF?

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 1,961, 00:01

i kid, I mean WTP. i'll s top.but really, it would be nice to see OUR page built something and which would divesefy eUSA.

MazzyCat Day 1,961, 05:06

The FB page is a link worth adding. 🙂

SColbert Day 1,961, 05:41

Why didn't you put all the political parties?

stunkcuf Day 1,961, 15:31

read at your last comment dude??wtf

SColbert Day 1,961, 15:44

I don't think you are in the loop.

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