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[CP Announcement 4] Consultation and Money Matters.

Day 1,807, 20:40 Published in Australia Australia by Ranger Bob
This will be my final piece until after the outcome of the vote on the forum is known.

You can read ALL my prior articles:





1. Consultation and Money Matters.


We don't have a senate at the moment.

And, though there are a lot of things I am putting up based on MY views and beliefs, this doesn't mean that:

A> I can plan for every possible outcome;


B> I am planning to be a dictator.

I plan on being a leader.

And, in line with that, I'll need to make many decisions on the fly.

The point of all my articles till now have been to let you in on my thinking so you can make a decision on how I deal with all those things we know will come up but I can't plan for right now.

SO, that is where YOU come in.

I am going to bring in a group under the executive, to advise and provide oversight/watchdogging of me, and my cabinet.

Don't get me wrong, in the end I will be in charge as CP and ultimately make the calls. But this will offer a way to watch what I do, offer and participate in decisions as they will, and call me out on stuff if needed.

But what do they DO?

One of the MOST important things they will do is be involved in all aspects of Government spending. Usually to spend our money, a budget is allocated and agreed by Congress (Senate) in the Forum.

This group will have full view of it before anything is handed down, and will be involved in the final decision of what we allocate where.

I'll make no bones about one thing - and I'd said this in an earlier article. I am looking at a spending budget, which will result in an overall deficit, as income is obviously non-existent from tax revenue right now.

My focus on spending will be around getting people active - that involves ways to get new people involved and getting new people keen to play. It will also OBVIOUSLY use funds to support battles, but in terms of gov expenditure where they suit us (be it one of our battles here or where we want to make a presence in another battle to gain support in return).

In effect, I will run the books and have these available for them to review, and scottty and I will share the role of MoF.

OK, what else?

I'm not a dictator, and have no intention of there being faceless people behind the scenes calling all the shots. I also don't feel I have anything to hide, so....

This group will have FULL access to all cabinet and other executive-government controlled rooms I run.

They can view my discussions with Cabinet, ask questions (and yes I will expect Cabinet to respond to them), and provide their views and advice.

I also do not intend to gag them in expressing their view and taking it back to you if they disagree. I'm happy to debate any points.

They can use their access for as much as contributing to discussion, or, as little as holding government to account as they wish.


Well, if I am going to have a full discussion, and actually allow people to question honestly, I don't want to hand-pick them. Some of the people I'm offering, many of YOU already picked.

When you elected them as leaders of your respective political parties.

I will invite the PP or a nominated rep from them to join the group.

These presently (as at 1/11/12) are the following:

1. KnightHawks Military Council;

2. Australian Parliamentary Party;

3. Green and Gold Party;

4. Australian Revolutionary Party;

5. ANP - Anti- PTO Party.

6. Australian Communist Party

If a party does not wish to participate it does not have to, obviously - but they have a lot of incentive to if they want to hold me to account with little risk to themselves as they are not a member of Government.


Up to 5 nominations will be sought from any bona-fide eAustralian Citizen. These will be made in game, with a vote on the forum accordingly.

I will ask the MoI to run a process IMMEDIATELY following the election, with an outcome 3-4 days into the term. PPs will of course have as long as it takes them to confirm they, or their party rep, will participate.


Foreign Policy. I have an idea I wish to share around some discussions we need to have, and using TJ's new Foreign Affairs policy collective thingy as a means to get there.




Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,807, 20:45

I would like to see cr1so and others like him included. New players, with fresh opinions... at worse they will gain knowledge behind how things work, at best they will see things that we cannot simply because of their youth.

Oh Voted etc...

Artaxerxes Pavonis
Artaxerxes Pavonis Day 1,807, 21:49

On a note, I knew Ranger when he first started erep some 3? years ago. he is a cool chap and knows what hes doing, and he will not be some "2-clicker" President (Prime Minister?)

My Vote Would Go To Ranger Bob!

-Artaxerxes Pavonis

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,807, 22:35

Fair comment, Ranger. Although your attempt at cross-partisanship is admirable, not everyone from 'a party' is technically a subscriber of that party - it's all game mechanics. As you are aware, two of eAus's largest parties have been PTO'd and membership are currently scattered. Even without this intrusion into our political affairs, the former fact remains. Just saying, these outreach efforts quite often fudge the number of views, even if unintentional. Cheers.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 1,807, 22:39

Yes and I understand that. As I said though, opening it up to a wide range of people from philosophical viewpoints means that I can't be seen as doing a buddy buddy system. Given the current PPs there is no way I am going to have a group full of supporters. Though I expect an argument or two on my direction, no one will be able to say I'm hiding stuff. Nor will there be any question I am ultimately responsible and it will continue to keep this term active.

That is all.

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,808, 02:12

No pics no vote

Kami Carmine
Kami Carmine Day 1,808, 03:22

I'd be more interested in seeing / learning from what you do, as I'm no where near active in the community atm to be worth a nomination 😛

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,808, 04:29

I agree with TJ, but see what your trying to do. I also agree with Larni, some new blood would be good, especially if they are active players.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 1,808, 05:00

It's a consultation and accountability mechanism, not a decision-making authority : )

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 1,808, 05:01

And yep, new blood is most welcome : )

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