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Journal pour une Suisse nouvelle
Zeitung für eine neue Schweiz
Newspaper for a new Switzerland

Slovenia attacks Macedonia NOW

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✪✪✪ Friends & Allies ✪✪✪


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You are ...

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Hello Swiss citizens and friends,

In this article I announce my candidacy for the presidency of eSwitzerland in April 2014.
I thank all my friends for supporting my candidacy.

The history of this small country is marked by:

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The Cowards of Chaos

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Congratulations to the brave souls who do what is so difficult to accomplish in eRepublik... Establishing and maintaining an eCountry.

These are acts of courage, dedication, leadership and patriotism. These are acts that

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Let's beat those multies !

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There are four kinds of multiple accounts, or multies:
1) earning multies - these are used for generating gold and currency income and transferring it to the original account. Admins generally fight against them relatively easy and

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With ALL the countries of:
Pro-Sirius, and
Aurora alliances.

Switzerland CAN be a dominant force in the

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