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Dita 2,621

Resource Wars

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who is the most resourceful of them all?


As you might know, we asked your opinions about shuffling the resources on the Forum in December. As some of you noted, a random shuffle of the resources could end up so that some countries get a significant advantage over others purely out of good luck. We believe that good luck has to be earned!

In Resource Wars event countries will have a chance to win resources for their historical (core) regions. The resources of the New World will be re-distributed based on the country's military performance and diplomatic efforts during the event.

Each country will be able to select and prioritize resources they want for each of the country’s historical (core) regions. The responsibility of the selection will fall on the shoulders of the President.

Selection itself is not enough, as the country also has to win the resource. There is a limited amount of resources available (the list can be found at the bottom of this post), so careful planning and good strategic decisions are required if you are to succeed in the future.

Resource selection

Starting now, and during the Resource Wars event, countries will be able to choose the resources they’d like to have on their historical (core) regions (with the exception of the historical capital region). The President will arrange the resources in the order of importance, so the one they want the most comes first et cetera. The selection will be done by the President on a special page under the My Country menu. The page can be viewed by everyone. While the President is technically fully in charge of the selection, it’s obviously recommended to discuss and plan the selection carefully with the government, Congress and allies of the country.

All the historical capitals of all countries will have a food resource which cannot be changed. The resource for all historical capitals will be Fish, as it’s the most common resource of the New World.

All the historical (core) regions are listed on the selection page, and have a default selection based on the rarity of the resource. The President will be able to change the selection at any point during the event. Resources which were already won with Resource Tokens during the event cannot be changed afterwards.

When the country gets its first Resource Token (read more about how below), it will be assigned to the first region picked by the President. The first resource picked by the President on the list will be selected, assuming it’s still available. If the resource is no longer available (all of them were taken by other countries already), the second resource on the list will be picked and so on.


President’s view of the selection screen. On this example, 2 Resource Tokens were used by Portugal on Azores and Algarve. The next region on the list is Lisboa and the first priority as a resource is set to be Grain.

How can a country gain resources?

In short, there are 3 ways to gain resources:
1. Country wins a Resource Token from a campaign and it’s used for a region according to the list made by the President
2. Country receives a Resource Token as a donation from another country which already had new resources on all of their regions
3. Country spends Event Points to bid for a Resource Token in a Bidding Phase at the end of Resource Wars

The final way to get resources is after the event ends, during the Bidding Phase. When all the Resource Tokens and Event Points have been spent, the remaining resources will be distributed to the remaining regions. The country with the lowest amount of Country Power will get the first picks, and this will be continued until every region has a resource.

The amount of regions and resources is unchanged, so no region will be left without a resource.

Resource Tokens

Resource Tokens are used to obtain a resource to one of the historical (core) regions of the country. When a country gains a Resource Token, it’s automatically used on the first prioritized region in the list made by the President. If resources have already been assigned to all the regions of the country, the President has the possibility to donate a Resource Token to another country.

Resource Tokens are gained by winning a campaign in a direct fight between 2 countries. Defending a Resistance War won’t give either of the countries Resource Tokens, but liberating a region in a Resistance War does give one for the country which liberated a region. Airstrikes are counted as normal campaigns so the winner will get a Resource Token.

1. France liberates a region from Serbian occupation in a Resistance War. France gets 1 Resource Token.
2. France fails to liberate a region from Serbian occupation in a Resistance War. Neither side gets Resource Tokens.
3. Bulgaria attacks a Hungarian region and loses the campaign 80-96. Hungary gets a Resource Token, as they won the campaign.

Resource Tokens are used automatically the moment one is received. They are used according to the list prepared by the President. The only exception to this is when the country already has all resources for all regions. In this case, the Resource Tokens are kept and can later be donated to another country by the President. When a Resource Token is donated to another country, it will automatically be spent according to the priorities set by the President of the receiving country.

Event Points

Event Points are received when a side loses a campaign in a direct battle between two countries, or successfully defends a Resistance War. 1 Campaign Point equals 1 Event Point. A campaign ends when one side reaches 94 Campaign Points.

Event Points can be spent at the end of the event (see schedule below) to bid for Resource Tokens in the Bidding Phase.

Event Points cannot be transferred to another country.

Bidding Phase

The Bidding Phase happens at the end of the main event, so more information will follow later. Here’s the basic idea explained:

At the end of the event, countries which didn’t get enough Resource Tokens to secure their selections for the historical (core) regions can spend Event Points to bid for resources on specific regions. If two countries bid the same amount of Event Points on their regions, the order will be determined by the Country Power. The country with less Country Power will have a priority.

The bidding is done for regions, not for a specific resource. For example, USA can bid 50 EP on Alaska, 25 EP on Texas and 25 EP on South Carolina. If a smaller country with less Country Power also bids 25 EP on some regions, they will receive a resource according to their list before USA.


Day 2,621 07:00 eRepublik time - The specifications of Resource Wars are published and countries can start preparing their lists.

Day 2,625 00:00 eRepublik time - Resource Wars event starts and campaigns started after this moment will award Resource Tokens and Event Points.

Day 2,638 23:59 eRepublik time - Resource Wars event stops. Campaigns ending after this moment won’t award Resource Tokens or Event Points.

Day 2,639 0:00 eRepublik time - The Bidding Phase starts and lasts for 2 days.

Day 2,640 23:59 eRepublik time - The Bidding Phase ends.

Day 2,640 - Remaining resources are assigned to remaining regions.

Day 2,642 - The latest possible day when the new resources are added.

Please notice that the schedule, especially towards the end, is subject to changes. Stay tuned for updates!

The list of resources

The amount of resources will remain the same. Here is the list of industries and the amount of resources available:

Food industry
- Deer, 29
- Grain, 53
- Cattle, 67
- Fruits, 80
- Fish, 84 (please notice that 74 will go to historical capitals of countries, so only 10 can be won in Resource Wars)

Weapon industry
- Rubber, 17
- Saltpeter, 25
- Oil, 30
- Aluminium, 39
- Iron, 53

House industry
- Granite, 7
- Limestone, 14
- Clay, 21
- Wood, 23
- Sand, 32

Questions & Answers

Q: All the core regions of my country are currently occupied. Does my President still get to choose the resources for these regions?
A: Yes! All the resources for the regions are picked by the original owner country’s President, no matter who currently has control over the regions.

Q: If a President doesn’t select any resources for any regions, what will happen?
A: In this case, the default selection will apply.

Q: My country has all the resources already, and it has some extra Resource Tokens. However, we’re feeling selfish and we don’t want to help anyone. Are we forced to donate them?
A: No, the country is not forced to donate Resource Tokens.

For questions, comments and feedback, please visit the Forum. We will keep the Q&A section updated according to your questions!


Dita 2,611

Changes to Campaigns and Epic Battles

So far, as you know, Epic Battles have mainly played a part in Epic Warfare Tournaments. Starting now, they will potentially play a more important role in the New World! All changes listed below are effective immediately.

1. Points needed to win a Campaign is raised to 94

- The old value was 83
- If 94 or more Campaign Points is reached by both sides in the same round, the following happens: the results of the Divisions will be processed one at a time, just like now. If, after a number of Divisions have been processed, one side reaches 94 points before the other, that side wins the Campaign, no matter what the overall result will be (see the Example Section below). Division 1 is processed first, then Division 2 etc.

2. Damage values required for Epic Battles are tweaked for all Divisions

- The old values were from the last Epic Warfare Tournament
- The new values are based on the average amount of damage done in the last 7 days by all soldiers in their Divisions. The exact formula won’t be disclosed, and the numbers vary based on the activity of Citizens.

3. Epic Battles award the winning side double Campaign Points

For example, Battles in Division 1 usually award 1 Campaign Point. If a Battle turns Epic, 2 Campaign Points are awarded for the winning side. Other Divisions will still have the normal points, assuming their Battles didn’t turn Epic.

4. Double Gold for Battle Hero medals in the Division where the Battle was Epic

For example, winning a Battle Hero in an Epic Battle in Division 4 will award you 10 Gold (instead of the normal value of 5 Gold).

5. Double Prestige Points for hits done in an Epic Battle

- Hits done before the Battle turned Epic won’t award double Prestige Points
- Hits done after the Battle turned Epic in your Division will award you double Prestige Points

6. A Battle will have a status based on the amount of Damage dealt

The status is shown visually on Campaign details, and it can help to determine how close the Battle is to become Epic.

There are 3 possible statuses:
- Cold war (0 - 49,9% of Damage done for the Battle to become Epic)
- Full scale war (50 - 99,9% of Damage done for the Battle to become Epic)
- Epic war (100% - Battle is Epic!)

Example Section

Example 1
Sweden and Pakistan are tied 86-86 and a Battle is ongoing only in Division 4. Due to a high amount of Damage, it turns Epic and, in the end, Sweden wins the Battle. Sweden ends up winning the whole Campaign 96-86, as they got double Campaign Points from Division 4 on the last Battle.

Example 2
Denmark and Norway are tied 92-92 and Divisions 3 and 4 are still fighting. Divisions 1 and 2 were earlier won by Norway. Battles on Division 3 and 4 finish on the same minute; Division 3 is won by Denmark and Division 4 is won by Norway.
The result: Denmark wins the whole Campaign (despite losing the overall points 95-97) because Division 3 is lower than Division 4.

For questions, comments and feedback, please visit the Forum. If necessary, we’ll add more examples above based on your questions.


Dita 2,610

Medal Changes

As announced over a month ago, the following changes will be applied to medals starting today (Day 2,610):

- Freedom Fighter, Mercenary and True Patriot medals will award you 1,000 Currency (instead of the old value of 5 Gold)

Please notice that all the other medals will continue to award Gold.


Dita 2,586

New Rank: Legends of the New World

What could be bigger, stronger and better than God of Wars or Titans? The new rank of eRepublik is all about the citizens of eRepublik. This means that you can put your name on it!

The first step of the new rank is at 20 billion (Titan*** is 10 billion). The next steps come every 10 billion (30, 40, 50, 60 etc.). The rank will be named based on the first player to reach it in the Citizenship country. As it’s a bit hard to explain, let’s use examples:


In this scenario, the first player with a Finnish Citizenship to reach 20 billion rank points was Trico. After that, every player with a Finnish Citizenship to ever reach 20 billion will have a rank called “Legends of Finland: Trico Battalion I”. The name of the next rank will be given to the first player to reach the milestone of 30 billion. In this scenario, it was a kamysje. When Trico reaches 30 billion rank points, his rank will be “Legends of Finland: kamysje Battalion II”. In the meanwhile, everyone in Finland who have 20-30 billion rank points will remain in the “Legends of Finland: Trico Battalion I” rank.

Going forward, kamysje is the first player in Finland to reach 50 billion rank points. The new rank received at 50 billion will now be called “Legends of Finland: kamysje Battalion IV. The Roman numerals at the end describe the rank level. They’re comparable with the stars on Titan and other previous ranks.

Let’s imagine that Trico changed his Citizenship and now represents Sweden after reaching the rank at 50 billion. No one in Sweden has reached over 20 billion rank points yet. He will NOT retain the first Legends of Sweden ranks to himself, as he didn’t have Swedish Citizenship at the time he reached each of those milestones. If Trico reaches 60 billion while having a Swedish Citizenship, he will gain the rank “Legends of Sweden: Trico Battalion V”. This is possible even if no one has reached the previous ranks (20, 30, 40 and 50 billion). The previous ones will remain unnamed, until someone with Swedish Citizenship surpasses the milestone.

Benefits of the Legends of the New World rank

Apart from the fame and glory, there are concrete benefits of reaching the Legends of the New World ranks! Like all the other ranks, each step gives you a 5% increase to your damage. You will also deal a bonus damage of 10% when fighting for the country you reached the milestones in! This bonus damage is counted from the previous milestones as well, not just the current one. All damage bonuses are applied to everyone who reach the rank, not just the person reaching it first.

On the example given above, Trico would gain the normal 5% damage bonus for every rank he reaches. Apart from that, he would get special damage bonuses for Finland and Sweden, as he had a Finnish or Swedish Citizenship when reaching the new ranks. By the time Trico has 80 billion rank points or more, the damage bonus on Finnish battles would be 50% and for Swedish battles 20%.

As some players have already surpassed the milestones, they were granted the rank automatically. Here’s a list of the current 12 Legends of the New World, and their ranks:


In Greece and Chile, the names of the 2 first ranks have already been settled. However, in Hungary, the first rank is still up for grabs, despite 1224333 controlling the 2nd rank!

Please note that:
- If a Legend changes his Citizenship, the rank remains the same and the player keeps his status in the original country. This includes the damage bonuses.
- If a Citizen reaches a new milestone under a new Citizenship and it hasn’t been reached in that country yet, he will set his name on it. This happens no matter if the country has previous Legends or not.
- If a Citizen changes his name afterwards, the ranks won’t be affected.
- The eRepublik Team reserves the right to change the names of players and the gained ranks, if the name is vulgar or otherwise inappropriate.

Feel free to ask questions and give us feedback on the Forum !


Winter Specials 2014

Winter has arrived to the New World! Starting Day 2,586 until the end of Day 2,596, the following Winter Specials are available:

1. Winter Treats - Receive 1 Winter Treat per 25 defeated enemies

- 1 Winter Treat recovers 50 Energy
- Winter Treats are received after defeating an Ice Giant, which appears every 25 defeated enemies. The Winter Treats can be collected from the Weekly Challenge. After collecting, you can view them in your Storage.
- Winter Treats must be used by the end of Day 2,603

2. Holiday Bombs - Receive 1 Holiday Bomb per 250 defeated enemies

Holiday Bombs deal:
- 200 000 damage in Division 1,
- 750 000 damage in Division 2,
- 1 500 000 damage in Division 3 and
- 3 250 000 damage in Division 4

- Holiday Bombs must be used within 10 days from the moment they are received. However, if you receive new Holiday Bombs, the durability of all of them will be extended into 10 days.

3. Sugar Rush - Receive a bigger Energy Recovery based on your activity on the previous day.

If you consumed 75% or more of your maximum recoverable Energy, you will have +10 for your Energy Recovery the next day.

The bonus doesn’t stack day after day, but you can upkeep it. After getting a higher Energy Recovery, the 75% requirement will stay the same, but the amount of Energy that has to be recovered the next day will obviously grow, as the maximum recoverable Energy grows as well.

Example 1
On Monday, Player A has an Energy Recovery of 10 per 6 minutes, which converts into 2400 Energy in 24 hours. To reach the target of 75%, he has to recover at least 1800 Energy (0.75*2400).

During Monday, Player A recovered 1900 Energy so he reached the target. On Tuesday, at day change, his Energy Recovery raises to 20 per 6 minutes, which converts into 4800 Energy in 24 hours. To reach the target of 75%, he has to recover at least 3600 Energy (0,75*4800).

On Tuesday, Player A recovers 4000 Energy and reaches the target. His Energy Recovery is maintained at the same level, so on Wednesday he will still recover 20 Energy per 6 minutes.

On Wednesday Player A is busy and only manages to recover 3000 Energy. This means that he didn’t reach the target of 75% and on Thursday at day change his Energy Recovery drops back to 10 per 6 minutes. To get it back to 20 per 6 minutes, he has to recover at least 1800 Energy during Thursday.

Example 2
Player B has a Power Pack and recovers 30 Energy per 6 minutes. To reach the target of 75%, he has to recover 5400 Energy during the day. Player B spends a lot of Energy Bars to reach the target, and he recovers a total of 6000 Energy. However, he then activates an Energy Recovery reward from the Weekly Challenge, causing his Energy recovery to raise up to 40 Energy per 6 minutes. The 75% target is recalculated, and he now has to recover 7200 Energy during the day.

Please note that:
- You can view your progress by hovering over your “Recover Energy” button
- Energy Bars and Winter Treats DO count for the progress
- The progress is always checked at day change. If your Energy Recovery changes at some point during the day, the target is recalculated and your progress changes accordingly.
- The first day the progress is counted was yesterday, Day 2,585, and the first day you can receive a higher Energy Recovery is Day 2,586


Dita 2,579

Boost the Economy Days

As suggested by many of you, overproduction is an issue in the New World. We’ll try to tackle this problem and to get rid of some stacked inventory by introducing Boost the Economy Days!

Between today and the end of Day 2,582, all food and weapon consumption will be doubled.

For example, 10 Q1 food will give you 10 Energy instead of the normal 20. Also, a defeated enemy with 3 hits will decrease the durability of your weapon with 6, instead of the normal value of 3.

Please notice that:
- Bombs, Rockets and Bazookas ARE NOT affected by this change
- Energy Bars ARE NOT affected by this change


Dita 2,576

Gift Packs and Medal changes

Gift Packs

Starting today, a Citizen making a purchase of 4,9 Euros or more will receive Gift Packs. The value of your purchase will determine the amount of Gift Packs you receive:
- 1 Gift Pack for a Gold purchase of 4,90 Euros
- 2 Gift Packs for a Gold purchase of 9,90 Euros
- 5 Gift Packs for a Gold purchase of 24,90 Euros
- 12 Gift Packs for a Gold purchase of 59,90 Euros
- 20 Gift Packs for a Gold purchase of 99,90 Euros
- 2 Gift Packs for a Combat/War Stash or Assault/Power Pack

Gift Packs are special presents that cannot be kept. We believe that sharing is caring, so they must be given to friends!

1 Gift Pack contains:
- 2 Gold
- 10 Winter Treats
- 5 Icy Bazookas

Please note that:
- Gift Packs can be received for purchases starting Day 2,576 until the end of Day 2,598
- Gift Packs must be offered to friends by the end of Day 2,601 (3rd of January)
- Gift Packs can be offered to friends by going to their profile and pressing the “Send a gift” button
- You can see the amount of Gift Packs you have by visiting your Storage

- Icy Bazookas and Winter Treats must be used by the end of Day 2,603 (5th of January).
- Icy Bazookas deal the same amount of damage as Batzookas: 10% more damage than a Q7 weapon in Division 1, 20% more in Division 2, 30% more in Division 3 and 40% more in Division 4. The minimum damage is 10,000 in any case.
- Parts of Icy Bazookas can NOT be found on the battlefield. You can only get fully assembled weapons in Gift Packs.
- Bazooka Boosters can NOT be used with Icy Bazookas.
- Icy Bazookas will NOT be converted into regular Bazookas at the end of Day 2,603, so make sure to use them!

Medal changes

Starting Day 2,610 (12th of January), Freedom Fighter, Mercenary and True Patriot medals will award you 1,000 Currency (instead of the current value of 5 Gold).

Based on our studies, these medals didn’t reach their initial goal: to help the progress of the new players. More than this, they had a negative impact on the economic balance of the game, and with this change we aim to solve some of these issues.

We wanted to make this announcement early, so everyone will have plenty of time to prepare for this change, if needed.


2015 is approaching fast, but the eRepublik Team still has some cool things prepared for 2014! Stay tuned for treats and surprises! :)


Dita 2,565

Black Friday 2014

Black Friday is back with a boom! Check out the available promotions below. Please notice that all offers are available only on Day 2,565!

1. Training Ground upgrades are 50% cheaper
2. Weapon and Food Company upgrades are 50% cheaper
3. House Company upgrades are 25% cheaper
4. House Raw Material Companies are 25% cheaper
5. Energy Bars are 37% cheaper
6. War Surplus packs are back! All 3 packs are purchasable with Gold (22,5, 45 and 90 Gold). Each pack can be bought a maximum of 2 times.


Dita 2,557

Celebrate the 7th Anniversary of the New World

Edit Day 2,557 5:30 eRepublik time: The damage bonus does affect Guerrilla Fights!

Day 2,557 marks another chapter in the history books, as eRepublik turns 7! The whole eRepublik Team would like to wish you a happy 7th Anniversary, and thank you for the amazing trip we’ve made together so far. We’re confident that there are still plenty of pages to be written, and together we’ll make them as memorable as the previous ones.

To celebrate this occasion, we’ve prepared a few treats for you! You can find the comprehensive list below.

Treats inside

Starting Day 2,557, until the end of Day 2,561, you can:

1. Deal 70% more damage per hit with your normal weapons (Q0-Q7 and Bazookas)
- The damage bonus combines with the Damage Boosters
- The damage bonus doesn’t does affect damage done in Guerrilla Fights
- The damage bonus doesn’t affect Rockets or Bombs

2. Gain 7% more Strength from Training Grounds
3. Deal 7 million damage with a Big Bomb
4. Receive Small Bombs for Battle Hero achievements and Big Bombs for Campaign Hero achievements

Starting Day 2,557, until the end of Day 2,563, you can:

1. Receive daily login prizes: 7 days, 7 treats! If you miss a day, your progress will be “lost” and you will be back on the reward of the first day.

On Day 2,557 only you can:

1. Purchase Energy Buildings with a 70% discount
2. Purchase Storage with a 70% discount

Community related treats outside

1. Get creative and participate in our Community Contest on the Forum for a chance to win Gold and Energy Bars! All you have to do is write a short story of maximum 7 phrases or 77 words. Enter the contest here!

2. If you’re a Facebook user, make sure to follow us! We’ll have another contest there very soon so stay tuned!

3. If you have a smartphone and you use Instagram, make sure to follow us! We’ll post some behind the scenes pictures from the office throughout the celebrations! You can also expect an Instagram exclusive contest!


Dita 2,555

Article Endorsement

As you know, the media module is an important part of the New World. Articles about events of the New World, politics, unicorns and other important topics are written daily by over a hundred players. So far you’ve been able to support the authors by voting articles and subscribing to their newspapers. To give you a better chance to appreciate the “shakespeares” and “tolkiens” of the New World, you can now Endorse articles!

Endorsing an article means that you pay a nominal fee to the author to show your appreciation for his/her work. The available options are 5, 10 and 25 Currency. The whole amount goes directly to the author so no taxes are applied. You can find the “Endorse” button under the “Vote” button on the left side of the article.

The list of Endorsers will be available between the article’s content and the comment section. The Endorsers are listed based on the paid amount, and the order of Endorsements.

Please notice the following details:
- An article can be Endorsed only once by the same player
- To Endorse an article, you must be an Adult Citizen
- To Endorse an article, it can’t be older than 7 days

As a reminder, you can also publish articles globally! You can read more about that here.

For questions, comments and feedback, please visit the Forum.