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Thank you! and my story

2 Dita 2,441, 04:45 Danimarka Debate dhe Analiza Politike Debate dhe Analiza Politike

I've been granted the trust, that has allowed me to rise as a congress member.

For that i want to thank the Danish government, but mostly Ushlau for letting me back into eDK.

I offer my thanks and loyalty in return for what i have been given.

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Soo this happened.

9 Dita 2,410, 06:52 Britania e Madhe Debate dhe Analiza Politike Debate dhe Analiza Politike

Here's a litle pm i recieved.

for those with eyesight problems, or a way too small screen, like me.

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Once again...

2 Dita 1,926, 03:46 Republika e Maqedonisë (IRFJ) Analizat e Luftimeve Analizat e Luftimeve

Once Again.

Denmark is a free Nation, once Again i will suport it, once Again i hope that my Fellow Ecitizens will help.

Denmark is a small nation, mainly livestocks as economy, but if we are dedicated, we can do this.

I summon the patriots

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The danish economy

7 Dita 1,262, 01:49 Danimarka Biznes Financiar Biznes Financiar

The sallery is rising, but that would possibly also effect the prices for the products. The highest job offer sallery has risen from 3.5 Dkk to 22.04 Dkk on just a week. But would that effect the price on wheat too? would food become more expensive?

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Danish Liberty

12 Dita 1,259, 11:44 Danimarka Debate dhe Analiza Politike Debate dhe Analiza Politike

Danmark er endelig fri af sverige, men hvor længe?
Det kan ingen svare på. Men jeg tror at hvis vi får hele danmark tilbage,
har vi en bedre chance for at forblive frie. Jeg har set lidt på kortet og der er flere inbyggerer i Hovedstaden end i

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