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We give you tips, we give you information, we give you orders, we give you interviews, we give you games. What do we ask in return? You have a good time reading our articles... and maybe vote the article, subscribe and tell friends about the newspaper. However having a good time is just the minimum.

Ideas to Improve Military Units

17 Dita 2,458, 03:19 Kuba Analizat e Luftimeve Analizat e Luftimeve

The admins have added new rules about Captains no longer being voted in. They have also mentioned that military units will play a more important role in … lexo më shumë »

Operation Wolf Blitz Succeeds! Cuban Media Takeover!

16 Dita 2,456, 04:51 Kuba Ndërveprimet shoqërore dhe argëtuese Ndërveprimet shoqërore dhe argëtuese

The eCuban media has been taken over by CheetahCurtis on Day 2456 of the New World (August 11th 2014). Operation Wolf Blitz has succeeded.

[img]http://i1249.[/img] … lexo më shumë »

North and Central American Analysis - Day 2456

5 Dita 2,456, 03:51 Kuba Debate dhe Analiza Politike Debate dhe Analiza Politike

Since the addition of Cuba into eRepublik there are now 4 countries in North and Central America, Canada, USA, Cuba and Mexico. In the future there will be … lexo më shumë »

Question Time with the Royal Navy

8 Dita 2,456, 02:50 Kuba Ndërveprimet shoqërore dhe argëtuese Ndërveprimet shoqërore dhe argëtuese

So today I deciced to go on the Royal Navy chat and ask some random people some questions. Why? Because I can... Anyway, today's people are hollenboer, … lexo më shumë »

Guide to Commanding a Military Unit

6 Dita 2,456, 01:50 Kuba Hapat e parë në eRepublik Hapat e parë në eRepublik

Ever wanted to be a great commander of thousands of soldiers? Of run a small mercenary unit to help you rake in the money? You might just want to get a group … lexo më shumë »