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10 Dan 1,849, 18:52 Velika Britanija Ukazi bitke Ukazi bitke

As most of you know, I was wrong. A resistance war did flare up in Flanders. However, I was right that military units would make us fight for the UK. However, this is not as influential as it should be due to one thing: ALL GOVERNMENTAL MEMBERS ARE

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The NO-SPIN Zone

3 Dan 1,848, 17:37 Velika Britanija Družbeni stiki in zabava Družbeni stiki in zabava

No, my name's not Bill O'Reilly. However, in light of recent events, I will modify his "No-Spin Zone" to suit my purposes:

I am no fan of comments which are propaganda for or against the British government. This is not what the Tribune was meant

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Response to Comments: Is the War on Belgium a Training War?

10 Dan 1,848, 17:29 Velika Britanija Vojaške analize Vojaške analize

I realize that many of those associated with the government have been making comments on some of my previous articles that imply that the war on Belgium is just a practice; that we will basically give the land back after we have some Battle Heroes

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Why the UK is creaming Belgium in the attack on Flanders

2 Dan 1,847, 13:46 Velika Britanija Vojaške analize Vojaške analize

OK, so the UK has attacked Flanders, Belgium. Once the aura fades from this rare occasion, the analysis begins: the UK is creaming Belgium. The biggest question stands: why?

The answer can be explained as easily as 1 - 2 - 3:

1. The UK has

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Finally: the UK actually retaliates.

7 Dan 1,847, 13:39 Velika Britanija Vojaške analize Vojaške analize

As most of those reading this article probably know, the country of Belgium staged an attack against the United Kingdom's East of England a couple of days ago. This attack was an epic fail on the part of the Belgians, and the UK is retaliating.

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