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How I feel.

8 Dan 1,805, 10:04 Malezija Družbeni stiki in zabava Družbeni stiki in zabava

Just a quick article today because I'm procrastinating when I have work to do.

How I feel when I look in a mirror:

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On jobs, wages and taxes:

6 Dan 1,803, 11:39 Malezija Finance in poslovanje Finance in poslovanje

Hello again eMalaysia.

I introduced myself yesterday in this article

In it I said that I would put up jobs to allow Malaysians to work within their own country. I

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Greetings Malaysia

27 Dan 1,802, 16:22 Malezija Družbeni stiki in zabava Družbeni stiki in zabava

Hello eMalaysia.

I just got citizenship today and I’m writing this to introduce myself. In real life I’m a 22 year old 3rd year Philosophy Student from the United Kingdom.

On erepublik I have spent the vast majority of my time in the eUk

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Spoland: True Brotherhood

32 Dan 1,799, 10:41 Poljska Ukazi bitke Ukazi bitke

NB: I'm re-releasing this article with a tiny bit cut off the top. The original article got deleted when it was on 258 votes for 'vulgarity'. To put it another way, haters gonna hate. I'm publishing it again to celebrate the Spolish brotherhood preberi več »

All the way: An analysis of CTRL

12 Dan 1,794, 17:56 Poljska Politične debate in analize Politične debate in analize

In a state of boredom with the game I’ve decided to do something I’ve not done in a while and pick up a pen. The topic I want to speak about is the problems arising within CTRL recently.


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