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Qubert18's Platform for Federalist Party President

4 Ziua 810, 11:49 Publicat în USA USA

Born day 705 of eRepublik, I came in to the world at a time when America was on the rise from PEACE oppression. I got my first taste of battle helping Canada take back Nunavut from Hungary, as it was their last holding in North America. Since then,

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eAmerican Idol

7 Ziua 705, 19:20 Publicat în USA USA

Introducing eMerican Idol!

It is what it sounds like, a singing competition for you! We will take any person who is a citizen of the brolliance, submits an

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Can't Get Enough Tiacha?

4 Ziua 679, 21:12 Publicat în USA USA

So, you say you want more Tiacha. I aim to please. After reading her interview with my assistant LiveFreeOrDie, I had a few more questions. I now present to you my chat

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Countdown Results

3 Ziua 672, 19:27 Publicat în USA USA

The results of Countdown are in. I am ready to announce the three winners. Using, the three numbers chosen were:

#20 Gesar of Ling - Q2 gun

#50 Devan Kronos - Q1 gun

#48 The Dude Abides - Q3 gift

Congratulations to the winners.

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Let's Play Countdown!!

60 Ziua 669, 00:33 Publicat în USA USA

This is a free contest for all to participate in. I will award a Q2 gun first prize, a Q1 gun second prize, and a Q3 gift third prize. This is called the Countdown Game. In this game, the original poster starts with the number 50. Then each

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