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Nicosia Ulku Ocaklari

Nicosia Ulku Ocaklari

Id-partypresident adamjensenn     CY Cyprus     National rank: 2    

Vice President

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Secretary General

Af251cb223010e4300ad60e1e52929a1_142x142 Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis


7692e1a5f8a77cf0cd8c22b253ca9226_142x142 pipo lolo


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We will be united in our common interests ! We will fight for our country ! WE ARE CYPRUS ! Auuuuuuuuuuuu ********** channel on mibbit *************

Members 32

Orientation Far-right, Authoritarian

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Icon_position_politics_partypresidentParty presidency

Party President

Election day


10 congress members

  25.64%  of Congress


Next elections in 9 days

Icon_position_politics_presidentCountry presidency

Next elections in 19 days

No candidate proposed

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