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4 Day 857, 14:56 USA

THANK YOU to everyone who voted and supported my re-election to Congress from Georgia!


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Re-Elect John Largo in Georgia on March 25th

17 Day 849, 18:28 USA

My name is John Largo, and I would like to announce my re-election bid for congress. I am again running in Georgia as a Democratic Republican.

I am

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Congress Gets Taxes Done Right

10 Day 840, 18:09 USA

As Senator from Georgia, I decided to write an article detailing why I support the most recent tax bill that looks like it will be coming from congress. You can read Sydiot's posting of the tax bill [url=

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Interview with a Hopeful Politician

4 Day 830, 18:47 USA

George Griffin just received 21 votes in his latest … read more »

Thank You To My Supporters

5 Day 829, 15:34 USA

I want to thank everyone who supported me, who endorsed me, who voted for me. I am the new congressman from Georgia thanks to you!

I want to thank the 4 of the top 6 parties

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