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Vote for John Largo in Georgia on Feb 25!

17 Day 823, 14:03 USA

My name is John Largo, and I am announcing my intention to run for congress in Georgia as a Democratic Republican.

I am very active in my party and on IRC.

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What is Going On?!?!

5 Day 819, 16:17 USA

Get this... the DoD orders say to fight Red in resistance wars for regions in the eUK that we just worked very hard for?

DoD Orders

Well of course they do. We want to

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First Issue. Hot Off The Presses!

6 Day 817, 08:00 USA

This is my first Newspaper!
This is my first Article!

This article is all about me. Read on and maybe you'll learn a lttle about you.

Unlike many of you, I joined this game because of the allure of being a business magnate. The military

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