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"It is to the Radicals that The Economist still likes to think of itself as belonging. The extreme centre is the paper's historical position."

The Economist is a political newspaper, with a dash of finance, a splash of philosophy and a big dollop of good old fashioned editorial diatribe.

Y&H Manifesto of Iain Keers, February 2008

5 Day 458, 16:59 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Notice: This is a manifesto of the author and not an edition of the Economist

Citizens of Yorkshire and Humberside,

Many of you will know me from the last few weeks as your congressman. The time has come for elections, and I come

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The Economist 19th February Romanian Edition

5 Day 457, 16:10 Published in Romania Romania

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Welcome to the Economist. I have decided to publish a Romanian edition of the newspaper for the first time. In the UK, a newspaper such as this … read more »

The Economist 19th February Edition

16 Day 457, 10:10 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

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Welcome again to the Economist. This week has been a stressful week in British politics, and in Europe as well. We have seen … read more »

The Economist 12th February Edition

11 Day 450, 07:47 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

There is a saying, coined by British Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson, that a week is a long time in politics. This has never been more true in eRepublik than this week. The Economist goes to print on a … read more »

The Economist February 5th - Return of /v/akistan?

28 Day 443, 08:59 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Thursday 5th February Edition

Welcome to the first edition of the Economist. Over the coming months the Economist will be providing a weekly presentation of politics, economics, interviews and … read more »