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Central Bank Of India- who is he?

10 Day 1,789, 00:04 India Financial business Financial business

Yesterday I saw an account. Name: Central Bank of India. No friendship button no medal no nothing. Only two things were given- Currency- something in 3000000 INR and gold- 2000 above. A question arises my mind- WHO IS HE ?

He is so rich as

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INDIA- An overall view

4 Day 1,788, 05:41 India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Well the Indians have been superb during the Puja season. The spirit is high and the ministers have changed too. Altogether it is a new eIndia with many surprises. I want to congrat some people whom I admire and follow:

xordin- The Prime Minister

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INDIA defeated ENGLAND by 90 RUNS ( two days ago)

3 Day 1,771, 10:22 India Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

The T20 World Cup has started and India played two matches and winning in both of them. The win against AFGANISTAN was sure, but the spinner's magic on Sunday was superb. India scored an affordable 169 runs and set on the board 170 for the English

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AT YOUR SERVICE AGAIN................Respectful subscribers

5 Day 1,770, 09:48 India Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

well, it has been long since I wrote anything in my hibernating newspaper, but I think you will be glad to know that I am back at your service,providing the latest news as fast as possible like the logo of my newspaper- A super racing Lamborghini

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The BLUEPRINT of my future NATION

9 Day 1,760, 22:54 India First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Well, of course I am happy with the response in my previous article and as citizenneel's point of view, i am writing this article, which is the the blueprint of our country. well I am sorry I could not relate to what I wanted to say because i am

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