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Portugal war- support

2 Day 1,760, 01:51 India Battle orders Battle orders

Indian players have been fighting hard. Well in iran indians have done a lot of hard work but we could not do it. So the government's new orders are to fight for the portugals in various places against the spanish.

It is for this reason this

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30 Day 1,759, 00:12 India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

It seems India has cut off its relation with national wars. No wars are held in India for the country has caused the True patriot medal meter to stop. For over a fortnight India is not fighting for its country. A little hope has aroused when I read more »

Economy poor- regions rented for money??!!

25 Day 1,757, 10:46 India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Indian Economy- a main issue in the politics of eIndia. So poor , so poor that indian government is left with no other options other than to rent regions to Croatia.We Indians should be shameful for our disgraceful depth in the economic graph chart.

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IRANI WAR- support iran

7 Day 1,756, 05:11 India Battle orders Battle orders

Currently India's players are fighting for the IRANIS who are at the moment having a (cold or hot) war with the Serbians. Unluckily the Serbs are quite strong and as per government's priorities, this article is for those who are not fighting for

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9 Day 1,755, 01:15 India First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Well I suppose, eIndia is renting a lot of regions to some countries- Croatia and China. But arent we renting a lot of space? OK, its the president and congress's decision . But for the real enemies who are trying to pierce the nation's boundaries

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