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What is the SLP?

7 Day 1,090, 06:01 Singapore

What will me and my members do? You expect me to sit down getting abused from anti communists and zamuelist? (I am not a commie and I stand by what I said about the free … read more »

What is the eSingaporean Labour party? [UPDATE]

9 Day 1,080, 09:11 Singapore

I have seen my party shrinking because it is very inactive.

The eSingaporean party is a party for people who want to be in politics. I have been called communist but I am … read more »

Stepping down

16 Day 1,075, 10:24 Singapore

I have seen that there are too many supporters for Thedark and I wish him luck.

Thank you for my supporters (if I had any)

read more »

Logamac for congress

16 Day 1,066, 07:48 Singapore

Hello, I am logamac leader of the new party Singaporean Labour party. I have been in congress 8 times. I have alot of experience in congress and I am the Minister of … read more »

Singaporean Labour Party org. [update]

7 Day 1,060, 08:44 Singapore

Hello people of eSingapore and the whole of the eWorld. The Singaporean Labour party will be created.

I want everyone who wants to help (I'm not forcing you) to donate … read more »