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My Vice President, and The Next Generation of Leadership

38 Day 1,225, 18:52 Published in USA USA

The most important thing every President does is select a staff. These people are indicative of the type of month the country can expect to have, and how the President will conduct themselves.

I had this in mind when I sat down to begin … read more »

Arundel for President

85 Day 1,223, 08:14 Published in USA USA

Yes, it is that time. Today, I officially throw my hat into the ring to be the next President of the United States of America. This campaign has at times both felt impossible to launch, and inevitable. There have always been things I’ve

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Fellow Floridians

18 Day 1,220, 22:50 Published in USA USA

It's Congressional election time, and I'm running to represent Florida. If you live here, DO NOT VOTE FOR ME.

That's right folks. I don't want your votes. You smell. You're ugly. You probably don't brush your teeth.

I want you

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South Dakota is Free at last!

117 Day 1,197, 00:14 Published in USA USA

South Dakota is liberated!

Today, the Ultramarines, in our debut battle, fought alongside SEAL Team 6 in order to liberate South Dakota. We pushed it to round 15, and with some wall building by the eUSA Military, managed to push it over, … read more »

The Ultramarines are born

100 Day 1,192, 19:39 Published in USA USA

Today the Ultramarines are born.

Just as the day Seal Team Six was born will forever hold a place in eUSA history, today, Day 1192, will forever be remembered as the day the Ultramarines … read more »