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Let's Be Real

38 Day 1,138, 21:38 Published in USA USA

OK America. Time to get real with you.

You're driving away the people who built this country, and the people who can keep it from dying. I wish I could swear, but this article needs to exist tomorrow.

Emerick is leaving. Sure he hasn't been

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For the Newbs

11 Day 1,078, 07:53 Published in USA USA

Ok, Children. Gather 'round.

Once upon a time in eRepublik, stuff happened. I want you to learn about this stuff. I will, once a week, post a few questions about the history of eRep, mostly USA stuff, and ask you to post your answers [url=http://

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Feels Good

9 Day 1,039, 09:14 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

To be Pakistani!


No Snow in Louisiana. Stupid


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Longer Than Your Friggin' Arm?

29 Day 1,007, 16:10 Published in USA USA

Well, this was originally my idea for when Custer was my opponent, but seeing how he ran off scurred, I couldn't be arsed to come up with a new idea. Thus, I present my endorsement list...which is 'longer than your friggin' arm'.


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Congress Time Again

8 Day 1,000, 21:46 Published in USA USA

So, my last article got taken down...I guess. Seems I shouldn't call the voters names, despite meaning it in the most loving way.

I love you, Louisiana. I want to get deep inside of you, and never come up for air.

Sound good? I think so too.

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