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February Party President Elections

24 Day 1,182, 21:36 Published in USA USA

Party President elections are upon us again America. The top parties have had their primaries, and the voting begins in a few hours (at time of writing). Below, I’m going to list who I think is best for each party, and why.

United States

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What to do about the iNCi?

60 Day 1,176, 07:59 Published in USA USA

The iNCi. What to do?

I've spent many an hour in their IRC channel, #inci, and I've gotten to know many of their members and leaders. They greet me with open arms … read more »

Election Result

48 Day 1,174, 12:30 Published in USA USA

Mizu's our President, congratulations to him and his team. He's got some quality bros on his staff, I look forward to seeing what he's able to wring out of them.

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Still longer than your arm

73 Day 1,158, 20:10 Published in USA USA

Custer is my opponent again...let's see if it sticks this time. We're running in New York. You should totally vote for me.

Following, my endorsements:

Harrison Richardson, or as I affectionately call him

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Pfeiffer in the USWP?

20 Day 1,156, 21:29 Published in USA USA

Yea, ok. It happened. I joined the USWP. The election of one of my Top 5 bros, Hadrian X, as PP did it. The only other time I considered it was when Franco suggested I make a switch in Summer 09, when I was in his cabinet. I declined then, as Gayus

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