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[Presidential Address] Vigilance

40 Day 2,375, 17:32 Canada Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Before we proceed with my planned message, All Canadians need to relocate to Rajasthan immediately, if you need help with moving costs contact [url= more »

[Presidential Address] Air Canada Flight 2374 Now Departing

60 Day 2,374, 17:59 Canada Battle orders Battle orders

My Fellow eCanadians,

Today we embark on the adventure of a lifetime, we begin our expedition to the exotic land of India. This adventure has been in the works for about a … read more »

[Presidential Address] War Update

37 Day 2,372, 20:38 Canada Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

My Fellow eCanadians,

I’m addressing you tonight from deep inside a presidential bunker in an undisclosed location well behind enemy lines. As I speak to you, our forces are … read more »

[Presidential Address] Knee-jerk Reactions (en/fr)

15 Day 2,368, 17:57 Canada Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

If you haven’t seen the article already, I have used the eUS media to begin a dialogue with the eUS … read more »

[Presidential Address] eUS can not hold down eCanada!

74 Day 2,367, 14:43 Canada Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

My fellow eCanadians,

It has become apparent that the eUS is unable to fight a war with eCanada by themselves. They read more »