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What should we do?

14 Day 2,044, 15:11 Slovakia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hello my friends,today i want to bring one subject up and start the discussion.
As the title says what should we do,this game today and game in v1 or v2 are too much different bcz everything you CAN … read more »

CoT-TWO war and consequences [Srb/Eng]

40 Day 2,018, 03:09 Slovakia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

English translation is down

Ovaj rat me je probudio i naterao da napišem nešto o ovom globalnom dogadjaju.
Dakle počelo je,mnogi su predvidjali nekolicina nije verovala u ovakav ishod.
Mislim da je

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What I think about Slovakia

24 Day 2,011, 09:39 Slovakia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Let me represent myself first because younger population in Slovakia probably dont know who I am.
I am Robert E.Lee 1861 ex Milos Feldmarsal writter ,former Serbian MoFA and many other things.
Now I am in two click mode and not active too much but

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Let's meet Finland! / Upoznajmo Finsku! [srb/eng]

33 Day 1,942, 13:33 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

English version is below

Finska često povezivana sa Laponijom,Polarnim Krugom,jezerima.

Skandinavska država,jedna od osnivač

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Warfare Analysis for day 1904

19 Day 1,904, 11:57 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

I got the new map so i will use it for my articles from now on.

Spain vs Canada

Last time i wrotte about this war and until now Spain made big progress on this front.
They Manage to push Canada

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