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Frerk for Northern Ireland!

5 Day 1,099, 08:23 United Kingdom

This month I am running for congress in the UK for the first time.

I am Frerk, former lots of positions, a member of The Unity Party. I was born in the Netherlands on day 442(I live there in real life) and spent most of my life either in the

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Silly canucks

14 Day 1,070, 08:53 United Kingdom

You accidentally Scotland

Now we'll have to punish you :(


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[FRERK] An outsiders look on a quite remarkable Brit

4 Day 1,046, 09:29 United Kingdom

Hey guys!
Today I'm looking into(and eventually, talking to) a guy I've always thought of as a remarkable guy. I ofcourse mean Prime Minister Candidate Jamesw.

When I first met Jamesw, I was the Secretary General of PHOENIX. I already

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Good job boys

15 Day 1,040, 01:07 United Kingdom

It was an epic and laggy battle, but we did it;

Thanks guys for all the help in raping those hospitals o/

On an alternative note to admins: l2develop ;)


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[FRERK] I'm back ye landlubbers!

31 Day 1,034, 08:54 United Kingdom

Dear friends,

As of today I am fully back playing eRepublik.
I attempted to quit in June 2010 because, honestly, the game just didn't entertain me anymore. It was full of bugs, unfair moderators and trolls.
When I started missing people

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