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DoD Orders Day 1,003/1,004

17 Day 1,003, 12:42 Published in Ireland Ireland

Soliders of the Republic, atten-shun!

Today we see United Faildom falling under Canadian and Polish hands so we must aid them so any soldier in the IDF that is available to deploy move to Northern Ireland which is currently occupied by Canada. If

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Important DoD Article (A must read)

13 Day 1,002, 11:37 Published in Ireland Ireland

Soldiers of the Republic, atten-shun!

Today is very important for you and for the IDF. It is imperative that you read this brief and follow the instructions below, regardless of your station or rank. That’s an order ; )

On an individual scale

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[DoD] Orders Day 999 -

19 Day 999, 08:44 Published in Ireland Ireland

Hello citizens and soldiers of Ireland,

As you may have seen as of 3AM Irish time our president 5n4keyes pressed the attack button for Dublin and Southeast Ireland. eRebuglik being eRrebuglik has somehow managed to stop our MPP with the

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[DoD] The Battle of Dublin and the Southeast

9 Day 997, 08:57 Published in Ireland Ireland

As you call can see in the two battles that have opened up in the past day we are faced with innumerable odds.

They believe that a quick strike at the Irish, hiding behind their MPP's will be the easiest way to cause a blow to the Canadians as

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DoD Orders Day 996/997

12 Day 996, 14:40 Published in Ireland Ireland

Hello Irish Soldiers and citizens of eIreland, I hope your ready for some action? rawr!

Na Fianna :
Deploy to Dublin and paint blue tiles.

Irish Helicopter Division :
Aplha Squad deploy to Dublin and paint blue tiles.

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