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[DoD] Hold Fire in Northern Ireland!

17 Day 954, 08:26 Published in Ireland Ireland

Soldiers That Can Deploy
Fight RED in New Jersey

New Jersey, United Faildom

It will require movement through a neutral nation, … read more »

[DoD]Free Q1 Rifles for Irish Citizens (update #2)

83 Day 950, 01:47 Published in Ireland Ireland

Every Damage Point Counts!

Short and Sweet, Ireland needs every citizen to put max effort into today's battles. Fighting bare-knuckled is a waste of a fight and potential damage in building our walls to resist the Brits.

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[DoD] Orders for Day 951! (update 7:00 eRep)

46 Day 949, 11:08 Published in Ireland Ireland

Defense of Ireland

All Divisions
Fight Green in Both Resistance Wars


[ … read more »

[DoD] Orders for Day 947 (Update 11:27 eRep)

23 Day 947, 00:26 Published in Ireland Ireland

Deploy To Little Poland, Poland
All Divisions Are Being Ordered and Supplied

Attack Scotland
Fight and Return Home!

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[DoD] Important Orders and Info

20 Day 922, 02:07 Published in Ireland Ireland

General Troop Recall

All soldiers are ordered home to Ireland. Moving Tickets are being supplied for your trip home.

DoD Chat Room
The main method of secure and organized supply. It is also good for quick … read more »