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DoD Orders Day 988/989 *Updated*

26 Day 988, 12:55 Published in Ireland Ireland

Dear Irish Soldiers,
United Faildom has opened a battle in Dublin and this is no drill!

The standing orders are to re-group at 19:45 Irish time for co-ordinated defence in #IDFTactical

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[DoD] Mini-Update

10 Day 965, 04:53 Published in Ireland Ireland

IDF Command Staff has been working hard since the start of v2, behind the scenes, to implement planning prior to v2. We have met a few difficulties and unforeseen problems due to how v2 has been going, but will continue to push improvements and

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[DoD] Deployment In Aide Of Allies (Update)

12 Day 956, 17:03 Published in Ireland Ireland

All Divisions and Soldiers Able Deploy
Orders of Deployment to Defend Croatia, Connect to Supply Channel for further info.

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[DoD] Hold Fire in Northern Ireland!

17 Day 954, 08:26 Published in Ireland Ireland

Soldiers That Can Deploy
Fight RED in New Jersey

New Jersey, United Faildom

It will require movement through a neutral nation, … read more »

[DoD]Free Q1 Rifles for Irish Citizens (update #2)

83 Day 950, 01:47 Published in Ireland Ireland

Every Damage Point Counts!

Short and Sweet, Ireland needs every citizen to put max effort into today's battles. Fighting bare-knuckled is a waste of a fight and potential damage in building our walls to resist the Brits.

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