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DoD Orders [Day 875/876]

22 Day 875, 13:47 Published in Ireland Ireland

Fight in the training war!

<a class target="_blank" href="">Training War</a>

Note: Its important that all troops attempt to rank up as quickly as possible, the … read more »

DoD Orders - Day 873

14 Day 873, 08:31 Published in Ireland Ireland

The last few days has seen alot of fighting, and Ireland do really really well, we have gained several battle hero awards, and seen alot of our troops rank up. Ireland stands strong beside its allies, and has helped secure both Norway and Australia.

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DoD Orders - Mass Deployment

26 Day 871, 16:53 Published in Ireland Ireland

The world is an intresting place! and finally were able to play our part in it!

Those in Na Fianna and Leinster Rangers, should be deployed to Norway, defending Norway from the UK.

Those who are unable to deploy, should be fighting in the

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DoD News - Day 870

15 Day 870, 19:53 Published in Ireland Ireland


Over the last 48hours many changes have happened to the IDF, and many more are to come, firstly we have deployed 2 units to Norway to assist where possible, we have also tested our new system of deploying weapons and tickets to our troops.

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DoD Orders [Day 870/871] - Home Troops Only

15 Day 870, 14:27 Published in Ireland Ireland

Fight in the training war!

Those deployed, or deploying to Norway, to not fight in this war

<a class target="_blank" href="">Training War</a>

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