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Whats the Craic?

Day 1,845, 00:21 Published in Ireland Ireland by Klynn

It is cold outside, the Sun sets and I drink my tea - the perfect time to write an article, isn't it? I haven not wrote long time ago so sorry for my journalistic mistakes. There are some topics in eIreland discussing rapturously nowadays. Many articles and comments were written. My views mach some of them, but I wanted to write an article on my own.

1. Military Situation
2. True Irish Patriot
3. Alliance Referendum

1. Military Situation
The first thing I would like to write about is the new military plane Malbekh came up with - a united MU. The main idea is to have as many as possible players in the IA. On the other hand, not everyone is willing to join. They have their reasons. I understand them. So, any way to make them join? Yes! First of all, we can make regiment units. For example, regiment 1, 2 and 3 are the IA; regiment 4 are the ICA; regiment 5 and 6 are the LA. And so on. The regiment captain is the former commander, of course. Secondly, we have people not ready to work in the communes or wear the avatar. They can join the IA as well - what counts is their damage. Last, but not least, Sunday strikes will unite all these people and create a great force.

2. True Irish Patriot
Trough whole Irish history, people were unite only in times of great catastrophes. One of them hit us last month due to the robbery. I do not want to point out who stole the money, but it is a great lost. Is there any way to, at least, reduce the lost? Yddub's legacy and Death Awaits's donation managed to do so. But the difference is still too large. Each one of us can help, because, we are the state! I invite every Irish citizen willing to help to this project.

Every medal is worth 5 gold units. There is no problem to donate 1 gold per medal to the states. Congress members and elected presidents should donate the whole medal prey, finally, they serve the people. Also, for our beloved country we can once per week donate our salary as well. This is my sketch:
- Every medal (donating 1 gold unit)
- Congress member and elected country president (donating 5 gold units)
- Every
(let's say) Wednesday (donating our whole salary)

3. Alliance Referendum
Since The Psych0, a CoT supporter, was elected for president and his MoFA is Carolus XII Rex, CoT supporter as well, you would say that Ireland is going straight into CoT. But these two guys are real professionals. There is a referendum in front of us this weekend. In my opinion, there will be 3 options to chose:

Our long time friends are members of EDEN, except Bulgaria. We are part of the alliance since the 9th of March 2011 and that is a long time period. There were good and bad moments as well as in everything on the world. Maybe EDEN have not the best propaganda at the moment in our country, but the best propaganda is damage. Maybe there is no open wars for us, but we will not, at least, be occupied for a while.

- CoT
To start with, Bulgaria is one of our great friends and one of the main countries in CoT. On the other hand CoT members are countries we never fought with. Their propaganda is great, they even sent us their SC Advisor BeJIuKaH. There certainly is a way to have an open war but with Canada.

- Neutrality
In my opinion, this is the most dull option we can chose. It is good, because both CoT and EDEN will not become angry. Non of them has a reason. But the problem is neutral countries have no open wars and have difficulties with signing MPPs.

I begun to write this article at a Sun set, finished at a Sun rise, without sun at the moment. It may not be the perfect one, but it took me some time and gallons of tea a some coffee. In the end, I am satisfied.




Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,845, 01:44

i am satisfied after i pleasure 33 female human women in a roll.

but i guess typing and drinking tea works for some mortals the same way.

EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,845, 09:31


Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 1,845, 20:25

Nice article Klynn.
In the end whether we leave EDEN is up to the people of eIreland.
And whether we recover from the thefts is up to us learning from our mistakes and working together.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,846, 14:20

"Since The Psych0, a CoT supporter, was elected for president and his MoFA is Carolus XII Rex, CoT supporter as well, you would say that Ireland is going straight into CoT."
"Their propaganda is great, they even sent us their SC Advisor BeJIuKaH."

"In the end whether we leave EDEN is up to the people of eIreland."

We'll see.

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,846, 15:02

"Since The Psych0, a CoT supporter, was elected for president"

This is lie. I told numerous times that I'm not sure what to vote myself, at the end I've voted abstain.

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,846, 15:08

MUFC you are a CoT supporter, on so many articles last month you were promoting them. To say your not a supporter is plain and simply lying.

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