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I'm game designer of AsmandeZ, Siavash, Roads of battle.
I love erep and want to write articles about erep game design.

Economic system, What is the problem? En - Fa

87 Tag 2,045, 16:34 USA Finanzgeschäfte Finanzgeschäfte

English Version - نسخه فارسی در پایین
(It is my last article in eRepublik. Enjoy it. :) )

If any eRepublik citizen is asked, “What is your biggest ewish ?” you’ll hear solving economic issue for possibility of 99% from them.
In February 18th (

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Click Click Click or eRepublik (EN-FA)

86 Tag 2,042, 03:47 USA Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

En Version, نسخه فارسی در پایین

Someday the flash games has prevalence, a series of casual games released in different types and attended a lot of fans.

Main mechanic of these games was “click” and secondary mechanic, time management.

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New design for eRepublik WARS! (EN-FA)

142 Tag 2,035, 07:39 USA Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

New design for eRepublik WARS! English version - نسخه فارسی در پایین

Note: It is not like v.2. read the article completely then you can judge.

As I promised after my early articles, about the game planning and after the critical … mehr »

Intersection is near

51 Tag 1,997, 12:35 Iran Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

This is a translation of this article of mine: (Published Farsi version in Day 1967 )
Farsi; http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-ndash-1-2242619/1/20
Spanish; http://www.erepublik.com/es/article/la-nota-del-dise-ador-de-juegos-1-la-intersecci-n-

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A fistful of dollars or eRepublik citizens in danger of extinction

94 Tag 1,994, 22:32 Iran Finanzgeschäfte Finanzgeschäfte

This is a translation of this article of mine: (Published Farsi version in Day 1951 )
Farsi Version: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-1-2233816/1/20
Spanish Version: http://www.erepublik.com/es/article/2261919/1/20

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