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Newspaper focusing on mainly eUSA political and millitary news along with international political events.

The Rednecks are coming (back)!

0 Day 1,976, 06:49 Published in USA USA Battle orders Battle orders

Rebels have been sighted in Baja-California, a shade of the old Mexico. People have been bringing knives to our American soil gunfight, but we ask every able body to join the Kitchen war!

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Rejuvenating West-Virginia

1 Day 1,952, 12:15 Published in USA USA First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

After a peroid of long hiatus, Wilson Field has finally returned to West-Virginia. He opened three new companies at West-Virginia, one hunting lodge, a rubber farm and a food processing plant! This are just the first steps to reduce America's

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Poland vs Germany 28/05 update

2 Day 190, 07:08 Published in USA USA

Though the Polish Alliance made an impressive assault, conquering the areas of Great Poland and Silesia. The attack on the german-controlled Pomerania led to the defeat of an entire Polish platoon.

Few hours later the Polish army was rallied

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Poland vs Germany progress report!

4 Day 189, 19:30 Published in USA USA

Recent field report indicates that Poland is retaliating with their Alliance consisting of the USA and the Czech Republic. According to our analysis Poland is winning ground.

Current contested areas are Pomerania, Silesia and Great Poland.

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