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[KSA] MoD Article : 23.01.2013. [January 2013]

Day 1,891, 15:23 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by I-G-D
Dear citizens of eSaudi Arabia,

This is another MoD article written by me, I-G-D. It’s recommended that you read it carefully.

Military Units and Divisions

We have 4 official Military Units (MUs) at the moment :

~~~ Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia ~~~

This is the main MU, mostly in charge of recruiting eYoung players, who’re not experienced at this game at all. If you’re in Division 1, please join this MU. The MU Commander is Wars 7.

~~~ Kateebat al Mughawir ~~~

This is the MU for Division 2 players, for those who are new players still inexperienced at this game, but a bit more stronger than the previous group of players. The MU Commander is Abdullah Australi, and the 2nd Commander is I-G-D (me).

~~~ Al-Mansourin ~~~

If you’re in Division 3 or Division 4, please join this MU. The strongest and most experienced players should be here. The Commander is Hazem95.

~~~ United Arab Armed Forces ~~~

This is a special invite-only MU. Send a message to the Commanders (Varlosh and Ahmed AE) for more info.

New Congress

Fortunately for all of us, eSaudi will be having a Congress this term after an intense battle in Najran. I’d like to thank everyone who participated and fought for our side, it has helped us a lot.

If you want to apply for Congress, please read this article.

Future Military Plans

Expect an important military article in the near future. The time of its publication depends on our foreign relations.

Other recommended articles

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If you need anything, feel free to contact me.

Vice-President & CoAS/MUC of eSaudi Arabia


banovano magare
banovano magare Day 1,891, 15:24


El Che G
El Che G Day 1,891, 15:24


B.D.JOE Day 1,891, 15:29


Leader of Scorpions
Leader of Scorpions Day 1,891, 15:35


Anthony Tony Soprano
Anthony Tony Soprano Day 1,891, 16:29


lggy Day 1,891, 16:30

poz poz o/

Abdulmajid Day 1,891, 16:49

اكتب عربي ياخووي ماادري وش تبي بالضبط عرب ترانا اكتب بلغتنا ؟

Mesudiye52 Day 1,892, 00:27


Count Davos
Count Davos Day 1,892, 04:41


Gustav IV
Gustav IV Day 1,892, 06:35


Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,892, 10:35

Good job, I-G-D!

Anoir Guevara
Anoir Guevara Day 1,892, 18:04


@abdalmaged : غدا سأكتبه بالعربية اخي

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