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Where We Stand, and the Chairman of the JCS

53 Hari ke 1,201, 15:15 Diterbitkan di USA USA

There is a time in this game when a person realizes they have given all they can, where they have sacrificed all they have, and simply … lebih lanjut »

The Man Who Wouldn’t be President

58 Hari ke 1,120, 07:18 Diterbitkan di USA USA

I have worked with a great deal of people in this game, from Presidents to Generals to two clickers who’s only interest is in working and training each day. I … lebih lanjut »

Viva la Revolucion!

7 Hari ke 1,114, 23:34 Diterbitkan di USA USA

With the impending destruction of the dirty, impure counter-revolutions at hand it is my duty, as one of the pure, to spread the good news. Frost's America is well at hand, … lebih lanjut »

Vote "New Zealand Union Party" not "N.Z.U.P."

28 Hari ke 1,070, 08:00 Diterbitkan di New Zealand New Zealand

Dear Kiwis, just a heads up, the Serbs who are trying to PTO us have changed the name of their party to "N.Z.U.P. Vote Here" Obviously you shouldn't vote for them.


lebih lanjut »

ATOs, PTOs, and an explanation for the laymen

18 Hari ke 1,062, 10:29 Diterbitkan di New Zealand New Zealand

There has been some discussion on the possibility of a PTO (Political Take Over) of eNZ. Realizing that there will always be some confusion, I hope to explain to any new players what is really going on.

In this game there is a mechanic called "

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